2019 Spring June 10 Monday

60 degrees this morning, 77% humidity 

Weather cloudy yesterday.  Heavy rain where we live, although we weren’t here.  A lot of people were out of electricity, fortunately we weren’t affected.  Also rained in Nashville, but we weren’t in any rain all the way, thank goodness.  

The drive was cloudy all the way, but overall a good drive. Stopped a lot, as normal, so it took longer than it might have been expected, but not a lot longer than we expected, since we know we stop a lot!   

I am disappointed it is actually 60 degrees (now 59%) on June 10!  That is way too cool for this time of year!

CMA Fest is over for another year, the first one we have been too that it rained a lot the entire time, although only a few outside performances were canceled.

As we have done the last few years, we stayed out a little and took a “Uber” or “Lyft” cars in to the actual CMA Fest.  A lot easier (and cheaper) than fining parking etc. or staying downtown!  

Entire trip was approximately 1,394 miles, the car averaged 39.1 miles per gallon, according to the mpg indicator on the car.  Don’t know how accurate they are.  Averaging 39.6 when we got to Nashville, so I guess the drive back was a little more erratic!  

We made our stop at “the last Braums” in Alma, Arkansas.  We used to stop there going the other way since it was the last Braums we would be close to for 6 weeks to two months.  (Braums is a regional ice cream chain that somehow manages to have the best ice cream, shakes and even milk  than the other places.)  It’s not that we go there all the time, it is just that it is nice to have a Braums available if we do want to go there!  

We probably stopped at more McDonald’s on this trip than we visit all year on a normal basis.  Nothing against McDonalds, again it is nice to have them available, but we don’t go there a lot, except when we are traveling!

Actually, I visit McDonalds (and Starbucks” and some other local coffee shops) a lot when I am “in the field”, both for breaks and for my “lunch break”, although I don’t actually eat lunch there.  I just munch throughout the day and don’t eat lunch as such.  McDonalds has excellent hot coffee, probably as good or better than Starbucks, although I don’t like their ice coffee near as well. 

It was a relaxing good vacation, probably ate a little too much of the wrong type of food, but we enjoyed ourselves.  

Again, with the people out of electricity here it really emphasizes how vulnerable we are to electricity outages.  

I am surprised there aren’t more efforts to provide battery power for house, or at least use solar (with a battery) or alternative electric sources so that houses and businesses aren’t dependent on “the electric grid”.  

Listening to a novel on the trip with a lot of World War II history involved (John Grisham, “The Reckoning”).  While it is a novel, many parts of the novel are factual.  It emphasizes again that people tend to remember the positive and forget the negative, which I expect is good.  

However, I think it is important to remember the negative so we can learn from the mistakes and failures, as well s the successes of the past. 

That’s it for now, Monday, June 10, 2019.  

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