2019 Spring June 11 Tuesday

59 degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Overall beautiful day yesterday, although coolish.   More “severe weather” is forecast and we are throughly sick of it!  

We haven’t even thought about starting our sprinkler system, it has rained so much.  As I have mentioned, I’m not a fan of wasting water forcing grass to grow that isn’t normal, but it is one of those weird things that you do anyway.  

Our HOA spends a tremendous amount of money on watering vegetation, and then spending more money mowing it, controlling pests and treating it for disease (as do we on our lawn).  It really isn’t natural at all!   

Exercise, rode the bicycle outside yesterday after work.  It was enjoyable.  Didn’t exercise in the morning due to just returning from vacation , etc.  

I have been trying to find a time to bicycle, I used to go in the morning but it is difficult to fit it in now that I also can swim.  It is important that I swim and walk outside.  Right now I think that after work may be a good time, as long as the traffic doesn’t get to bad.  Riding early in the morning is good because there is almost no traffic when I walk early in the morning.

Yesterday I actually saw a bicycle rider almost get hit (a car was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for a safe lane change). 

Then a pedestrian almost get hit in a crosswalk on a green light.  (Not me, I was in back of the other car.)  It was followed by several people, one in a wheelchair also crossing. That makes you think about either walking across an intersection or driving through one!  All it takes is a second of inattention!

Thinking back to the CMA fest, the neglect of long-term fans is amazing.  They have changed the format to a “new music only” format, that ignores long-term fans and also seems intent to extracting the most money from everyone.  CMA fest has changed a lot and not for the better.

They have completely abandoned older people (no chairs, allowing then crowds at the concerts to get to rowdy, etc.) and now have abandoned the long term fans in favor of only “new” music and attempts to bring other types of music into it.  

While the proceeds are supposedly for music education it is also supposed to be for the fans, and I think they have lost their focus and are focusing only on the money part.  

I expect there are many well-paid positions and that is why the focus on making money, so they can fund raises/perks for themselves.  

I’ll just have to add that to the number of things I can’t do anything about, so I won’t worry about it!  

I always wonder about how I will handle “reentry to reality” after a vacation etc., even a short one.  Of course, as soon as I get in the car, it becomes  just a normal part of my day again.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

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