2019 Spring June 12 Wednesday

68 degrees this morning, 73% humidity.  

Woke up this morning, realized no walk or swim, heavy rain, lightning and thunder.  Rain is coming down in sheets.  

Coolish yesterday, but nice.  As usual severe weather forecast!

Exercise yesterday 

Walk 28:17 minutes, pace was 19 seconds slower than my goal

Swim:  15 minutes

Started off Monday with a field day after 13 hours of driving Sunday.  May not have been a good idea I realized this morning.  However I think it is a better idea to just jump back into it (the work week) than trying to ease into it.

As I have mentioned, one of my problems with bicycling is keeping the darn tires aired up to a satisfactory level!  I have had a horrible time with small air compressors, and a hand pump takes so much time.  

I finally purchased a battery powered air compressor, which is power enough to handle the bicycle tires.  (supposedly it can handle car tires, hopefully I will never need to find out!).  

All of the gimmicks actually work, such as the “automatic” stop at the PSI I set it to, etc.  It is actually very nice if it keeps on working!  One of the more frustrating aspects of bicycle riding has been tires.

On my main bike, I even got “alligator tires” which supposedly will hold up to almost anything.  So far, so good!  My other bike has what appears to be good tires, I will see.

I need to get another helmet and I hope to get my bicycles set up for night riding (or early morning ridingI).  I have a bicycle repair person I trust (and who is extremely inexpensive and will even pick up and drop off the bike for a small charge), which is very nice!  

I also have AAA insurance, AAA will respond to flat tires, a breakdown etc. and haul my bike home “free”.  Although if you know anything about AAA, you know nothing is “free”.  Although the dues are a little high, it is probably worth it.  

Ate at Panera Bread yesterday and my thought was “private equity strikes again”.  While they are still good, the little extras that make it  great are gone as “private equity” attempts to cut costs  below maintenance so they can make a big profit on selling it.  

Of course then the unfortunate buyer discovers there is a lot of “deferred maintenance” they have to hire more employees etc. the new owners take the hit.  

Meanwhile, “private equity” gets favorable tax treatment, (from the “contributions” to politicians whose vote for sale), so they even make more.  A little sickening but it does fall into “things I can’t do anything about, so I won’t worry about it”. 

Although we enjoyed the trip, it is nice to be back in our own house, our own bed and and our normal routines.  

I really doubt that there really is such a thing as a “normal routine, but there is at least a normal routine, with exceptions as they say!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

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