2019 Spring June 13 Thursday

60 degrees this morning, 80% humidity.

After a severe thunderstorm and rain early Wednesday, turned out to be a  nice day.  

We are ready for the rain to stop, the next ten days really mark the height of Summer, then the days get  shorter again leading to Winter.  

Starting to use  and learn Evernote”.  I decided to start using it for something I really want or need to do.  I started off with “reminders” and “daily lists”.  It works because I can dictate my reminders etc.. and have them e-mailed to me the next day.  

I figure if I keep on doing it, it will be because it is valuable, if I don’t it will be because it wasn’t that valuable to me.

I just started the “daily lists” and I will see how that works.  The beauty of that is I can make a list on any of my Apply devices and e-mail it to my work e-mail address where I can edit it as needed.  

One task I am especially interested in is “forwarding” important e-mails to Evernote.  My idea is to forward important e-mails to Evernote and then mass delete all other e-mails.  Kind of a way of controlling spam as well as hopefully creating a catalog of important e-mails.

The key will be to have “folders” that I can file e-mails by subject, so I can find them without having to spend too much time.  

I have always been working on such a filing system, although it is electronic now instead of paper files.  The beauty of  electronic fils is I can put an item in more than one category to help me find it!

Eventually (when I get the Echo for the car), I may not even use the Evernote “reminder” since the Echo is so convenient and with it in the car it will be really convenient if it works like he house Echo.

If I understand correctly, Evernote can store “searchable” PDF files, which I feel will be especially convenient and useful for me.

Anyway, I’ll keep plowing away at learning Everynote.  I’m trying to train myself to think “how can I use Evernote” for this whenever I think of one of those “I wish I could do this…. Type of thoughts!

Decided to try to read some new fiction books.  I still have a problem I used to never have, I start a book and then just decide it isn’t worth the time to read it.  I try to give it a chance, but at some point I just stop reading and take it back to the library.  

Of course, many books I finish and feel there are an interesting book and well-worth the time, but I stop reading a lot more than I used to stop early.  Probably a matter of knowing time isn’t unlimited and there is “So Many Books, So Little Time” that I need to be more selective!

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 13, 2019.

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