2019 Spring June 14 Friday

69 degrees, 59% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday of course severe weather coming in this morning with thunder etc. when I got up  and radar showing storms coming in.  

Today is “flag day”.  Also is Friday, the week has flown by!  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 28:21 minutes

Swim:  17:05 minutes 

Pace was 23 seconds slower than my goal.  Still not great but a lot better than on the inside walking track.

While I realize there may be some times when I have to consider the “indoor walking track”, I will try to avoid it as much as possible.  Right now, if it is raining, I just  take the day off  (from walking) rather than walk on the the inside track.  I’ll see what I’ll do this winter.

Nothing against the inside walking track at the fitness center we go to, it is well maintained and is 1/12th mile which isn’t bad.  It is just that it is so boring!  

Ditto with stationary  bicycles and treadmills.  I can read or watch a movie or something on a stationary bicycle or treadmill and it is ok, but walking is a little different.  I do listen to my book, but somehow it is just not the same. 

Thinking about it, it is strange, since when I walk or bike outside I can’t read or watch anything (I do listen to a book while I walk), but I never get bored!

I really think “plastic’ is taking somewhat of a bad rap.  Not saying it couldn’t improve, I don’t doubt that it does create problems.  It also seems it could be made to deteriorate sooner, etc.  I don’t know the answer but the 

We are very conscious about recycling plastic (and paper, cardboard, glass etc.) but we don’t have any idea if it is actually recycled.  Obviously we hope it is.  

I thought about this when I read about LEGO trying to find a different material than plastic for their LEGO bricks.  I read a story about how LEGO is trying different materials to make the “plastic” bricks, but can’t find anything that works as well.  They have tried corn, wheat, and I think even potatoes, but none of them work as well as plastic.

I thought it was strange the article didn’t mention using recycled plastic, it seems the perfect answer.  Maybe too simple or there may be other reasons!  

Found a fiction book I got engrossed in.  It actually came from the “recommendations” for me on the public library site (actually my account page), I didn’t even realize they made recommendations based on my past checkouts.  

Anyway, the page recommended Scott Von Doviak, “Charlesgate Confidential”.  It doesn’t even sound like a book I would want to read and I almost didn’t start it.  Of course after a few chapters I am hooked and reading as much as I can!  Feels good!

That’s it for now, Friday, June 14, 2019.

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