2019 Spring June 15 Saturday

77 degrees this morning, 69% humidity 

Beautiful day yesterday, except for the high wind. 

Saturday is here, thank goodness.  The week goes fast, but the weekend goes even faster!

Less than one week until Summer begins.  While I love Summer, the actual start of Summer also indicates the ending of Summer.  The days get shorter although I can still enjoy the Summer weather, usually until late September.  

I recently read of an electric toothbrush that comes with a UV light to kill the germs in the toothbrush!  It is such a common-sense idea, I am surprised I haven’t read of it before!  

I first consciously became aware of the UV light in the operations of a wastewater treatment plaint.  Without going into too much detail, the wastewater is treated and then further treated to remove all germs.  

The “old” way was to use chorine to treat the wastewater and then “dechlorinate” to remove all the chorine so the water wouldn’t be harmful to wildlife, vegetation etc.  Effective, but expensive and somewhat dangerous if all  safety procedures weren’t followed.

The new way was to use UV lights, which was safer etc., since chorine can be extremely dangerous to have around.

I’m not quite sure why UV lights are’t used more to sanitize items.  I have a “clean phone” device I use to to “clean” my phones, watch, credit cards etc., which  probably are a mass of germs.  

I’ve looked at other UV devices, including a “wand” that can be used on surfaces etc. both in the home and when you travel.  

They also make “boxes” that can be used to treat small items etc.

Some hospitals and business etc. use UV lights etc. on a permanent basis to eliminate or at least reduce germs.  Apparently UV light can be used to kill “superbugs” that can’t be treated with regular methods.

Thinking about it, I am surprised that UV light isn’t used more for disinfection in a lot of areas, such as public places, restaurants etc.  Probably the cost is a factor, but it seems the cost of the alternative is even more!

Hopefully the rain and storms will stay away for a while.  (At this time, there is a storm immediately north of us and the forecast is for a high chance of more rain this weekend.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 15, 2019.

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