2019 Spring June 16 Sunday

 65 degrees this morning, 98% humidity

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day.  Really weird, when I got up, I checked one weather app and it said it was “clear”.  I checked another weather app (since I had heard thunder) and it said it was raining.

I went outside to check and it had been raining (a light rain), but wasn’t when I checked.   Since I hadn’t walked for several days, I decided to go for it and was able to walk without any rain.  It was lightning to the north, but the storm was moving north. 

Last night has major severe weather again (sigh), still a light rain this morning.  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 28:06 minutes, 

Swim:  17:11 minutes 

Outdoor bike ride, 21.07 minutes (afternoon in very muggy weather)

Pace of my walk was 21 minutes slower than my goal.  

I really felt it was the first day of Summer!  I walked in my shorts and a t-shirt (although I wore a light reflective coat). 

When I went to swim, I wore shorts and scandals and a t-shirt and the rest of the day I wore shorts, a t-shirt and scandals.  

Now, that is what I call Summer and normally it starts several weeks earlier!

Sirius radio started a new channel called the “Pavarotti Channel”, which basically has music by Pavarotti, the “three Tenors” and other opera signers.  

I know nothing about opera, I’ve slept through many operas.

However, even if I can’t understand the  words or really don’t know the story, I enjoy just listening to the sound of the signing.  Kind of comparable to  Vin Scully and his baseball announcing!

At one point, the “Three Tenors” sang “My Way” and “Moon River” in English!  It was interesting  and enjoyable to listen too.  Hearing the familiar songs in Italian accented English with the regular operatic flair made it very interesting. 

I don’t listen to it all the time by any means, but it is nice to have it available to listen to if I want to.  It is for a “limited period”  (which could mean anything), so I will listen to it while it is here.

Short dream this morning after my morning nap, I don’t remember the first part, but in the last part I am driving down a street (I believe in the city we live in) and I was driving down a street with a “street event” (like a street fair or an art festival).  I saw a Police Officer in one of this high visibility coats and noticed he entire next block was closed off and I wasn’t sure how to get to where I was going with the street closed.

At that point, it was like the car I was driving just dies, my engine stopped and the wheels stopped.  My first thought was whom to call and my second was hoping the warranty was still valid!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 16, 2019.

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