2019 Spring June 17 Monday

64 degrees this morning, 99% humidity

Weird day yesterday  As I mentioned,  severe storms during Saturday night.  Started to turn into what I thought was a great day than rain came through again around 2 p.m. 

Sun came out and then it rained again about 9:00 p.m.  

Exercise yesterday was only swimming, for about 20 minutes.  Rain in the early morning when I normally walk and rain in the afternoon when I normally bike!

I also sat in the whirlpool, which was nice.

Actually, if not for my Fathers Day lunch (and breakfast) I probably would have gotten my bike ride in.  (Of course I prefer the breakfast and lunch!).  I was waiting on the lunch to settle and the time I normally ride my bike was sunny and it rained about the time I was ready to ride.  Not that I’m complaining about the breakfast or lunch!

I have learned from experience not to ride in the rain at all possible or especially when the streets are slick. 

Finished  the Cliff’s Nots of “Sister Carrie”, and and starting reading another “Cliff’s notes” of another book.    I decided  to start a book I have never heard of before on a regular basis.  

I have never actually heard of the author or the book, China Achebe, “Things Fall Apart”.  I’ll see what it (the Cliff Noes version) is about. 

One last quote from “Sister Carrie” was “Carrie  is never ever able to make decisions-and this is why she s exploited by others” 

I’ve actually given that quote some thought.  It is a variation of the “not making a decision is a decision” or ”If you don’t make a decision, others will make it for you”, etc.  All somewhat true but I can see where not making a decision is actually a an opening for someone to take advantage of you.

Of course, it was her decision not to make a decision.  

Working on using Evernote on a regular basis.  I have developed some procedures to use that seem to be effective.  I want to move slowly so I can incorporate them into my daily routine, assuming they are effective.  

If I do try to do too much, I may end up not doing anything until I incorporate it into my daily routine.  

I read once that to develop a new habit (or routine etc.), you had to do it for 21 days, so I’ll see!  

I also found a way to utilize the old $49 kindle I bought several years ago.  Without be disloyal to Apple, I find the Kindle more useful for some items than the Apple iPad.  

I still haven’t resolved the “unsecure network” bug (wifi that won’t connect), apparently a bug in the IOS system that Apple won’t acknowledge.  

If the Kindle hooks up to wifi (“unsecure  or not) to an “unsecure network”, it will be interesting to see how the Kindle reacts to an “unsecure network”.   If it connects, I know it is an Apple IOS bug.  

I am going to take the  with me as kind of  a “to do” List related to Evernote. It is very convenient for something like that and I can easily handle the Kindle.  

That’s it for now, Monday, June 17, 2019.  

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