2019 Spring June 19 Wednesday

65 degrees this morning, 94% humidity.  Rain, lightning, thunder early this morning so no exercise, or at leas delayed.

Beautiful day yesterday. Had an early medical appointment so no walk or swim.  Did bicycle after work, about 21 minutes and 35 seconds.  

However, as seems to be “normal” the forecast includes severe weather and it is raining right now.

Mid-year is a good time to take stock of where I stand with my year and my Personal Strategic Plan.  

I have a number of projects which are “tu it” projects (a round tu it).  

I continue to take pictures of my Hot Wheels, but I haven’t figured out the lighting to where I can get a consistent good picture.

My “quilt t-shirt” project has gotten to the stage where I am considering sizes, the next step is to visit the shop and see how many t-shirts I need to designate.  Then I need to take pictures of the t-shirts and get the first quilt completed.  

We decided to make it kind of a “throw” size, which is good, because it makes it a lot easier to choose t-shirts with a certain “theme” for the quilt since there will be fewer t-shirts.    

I know it probably sounds trivial, but these actually are important projects in my mind.  True, trivial, but important anyway.  

I also need to categorize my “hats” and take pictures.  It is easy to think of a use for an old hat!  Like shoes, there are always times when you might need an old hat that can get dirty or get paint on it!

I am making some progress on Evernote.  I decided I needed to start making Evernote useful and am making a little progress on that!  I have used it to “store” my journal posts for years, but I am just starting to use it to keep me up with what I need to do.  It isn’t a reminder list, it is just an action plan for the day.

There are a lot other things I could use Evernote for, I am trying to add one new project to using Evernote.   I think I will follow the “21 day rule” and try adding a new use for Evernote every 21 days.  Or at least a reasonable  facsimile.  

Another project is using “My Fittness Pal” (for weight control) on a regular basis.  I get started, but it is hard to maintain it, especially when it is difficult to find s specific food.

Attempting to “weed” items has been a continuous process.  We currently don’t have any firm or immediate plans to “downsize, but you never know!  We have looked around (we want stay in the area) and have looked around some at Senior Living housing options but we  haven’t decided.  

We love the house we have, but we dread it when anything goes wrong and we have to find someone to work on it!

We also dread having to dispose of a lot of our belongings we will have to dispose of to move to a smaller space!  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

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