2019 Spring June 20 Thursday

69 degrees this morning, 91% humidity 

Heavy rains yesterday morning, then turned into a nice day.  More severe weather tonight although may not be in this area.

E-mail from the Governor wants state employees to do a “day of service” .  I don’t remember in support of what organization etc. , but I”m sure one selected by him.   I really wish when people did this they would say a “day of service in your community”.  Seems would be much more effective and fair.

Reminds me of the stores (especially  large chains) who beg for a $1.00 or so for THEIR pet charity! 

Meanwhile, the company that begs for a $1.00 for their favorite charity , etc., gives millions to politicians and lobbyists. 

May sound mean spirited, but I am sure the customers can decide on their own charities to give to, so I always say “no” to such requests.  

I’m not sure when that got started, but I still think it seems strange that a store asks costumers to give to “their” charity. 

Been having a series of dreams I can’t remember.  This is one I did remember long enough to make some notes on it! 

Dream 6-16-19

Dream went to family reunion in, I believe Atlanta  Why Atlanta, I don’t know. 

Dreamed went down a muddy road to the reunion.  I got lost and walked around.

I only remember the moment Aline and I somehow got lost in a “Poly glass” insulation factory and couldn’t  find our way out.  We went from one false exit to another.  

No one was there since it was Sunday.  How we got in was a mystery.  

Ww walked around and saw the pink insulation etc.  We were on a second floor and couldn’t find a stairs.

At the last part, I picked up a small glass and started down a stairs kind of like the old fire escapes to get some water.  It was a stairs to what appeared to be a break area with soft drinks etc.   

For some reason there was a  sign that said 75 cents and something else I don’t remember.  

I was carrying something and balanced it on some kind of box so I could go downstairs to get some water.  

I woke up.  

I am always trying to look for a common theme in my dreams, normally I somehow am lost or looking for something. Normally is is in another city and frequently involves hotel rooms or travel.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 20, 2019.

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