2019 Summer June 22 Saturday

80 degrees this morning, 81% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, temperature reached the mid-nineties, sunny, a little windy.  The heat wasn’t all that bad, the wind cooled things.

Rain forecast for this weekend, but the forecast has been changing somewhat.   

The “first” day of Summer was truly a  “Summer” day. 

Went to our first AAA baseball game in a month last night. The time span was unusual and was a result of the baseball schedule and our schedule.  There are always stretches of no games and then a bunch of games all at once.  

I think having sports on tv gets us into a frame of mind the the games are always  available and that is not true of un-televised games.  Also, in the case of AAA baseball, being there is the fun.  (The skill level ranges from Mayor League to “oh well it’s just a game”.)  

That is part of the fun, watching the players we see personally suddenly on tv playing Major League Baseball and we can see we saw them start! 

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk:  27:56 minutes, pace was 10 seconds slower than my goal

-Swim:  20:15 minutes .

It is certainly wonderful to walk outside and then go swimming (in an indoor pool).  I like outside walking and don’t really care for indoor walking, but I like indoor swimming, at least for regular swimming!   I do like outdoor swimming better than I do, say, indoor walking, but indoor swimming the environment can be controlled.

My “devices” (laptop computer, iPhones and iPad) are rapidly aging as I am reminded each day!  My laptop computer is approaching six years old.  The battery chart reads “replace soon”, which is better than “replace now”.

One thing about computers, phones etc. the economics encourage replacement at a certain level!  

For example, my laptop (MacBook Air) doesn’t run a few programs now, and runs hot on a few, but it isn’t anything that really limits me all that much 

However, the economics are that if I consider the cost of a new battery, the trade-in I receive and the veterans discount I get and  the fact I am getting an entirely new computer with a guarantee, the new laptop actually ends up not costing that much.  

Actually one of the few times my rationale for buying something new makes economic sense. Basically I get a brand new computer with a guarantee and that is updated 6 years for half price.  

My iPhone is hanging on.  I hope it lasts until this Fall.  It is shutting down several times per day and has gotten very slow, but I am going to “clean it” a little to see if I can get it to last until this Fall, when I can buy an “up to the moment” iPhone (until the next day!)

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 22, 2019, the first “full day” of the Summer of 2019.

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