2019 Summer June 23 Sunday

78 degrees this morning, 87% humidity 

Generally excellent weather yesterday, somewhat cloudy much of the day, but no rain.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk:  27:51, 16:19 pace, 1.7 miles, 100 bpm

-Swim:  17:35 minutes

When I have time, I sit in the whirlpool after I swim.  It is always a nice little respite.  The fitness center also has a sauna and steam room, which I haven’t used much yet. But I will!

I usually try not to randomly kill bugs or insects (unless they are in my space In the house).  

I read an article about how bugs and  insects are essential to human survival, but  human survival isn’t essential to bugs and insects survival! 

I know “bugs” are essential to the “cleaning” of wastewater, if you lose your bugs in a sewer plant, you have to get some more to make sure the cleaning process continues to work!

The article mentions that in Australia, they imported some cattle that had especially  hard cow turds (for lack of a better descriptive name).  The turds had a crust that was especially hard and  the existing “bugs” couldn’t process them!

The country was overrun by cow turds until they imported some Beatles that could process the crust of the cow turds!  

I think it makes you realize again the importance of all life.  You might not want to live as an insect, but, as they say, “someone needs to do it” and I’m glad that task is assigned to bugs and insects!  

It is part of the great cycle, many birds, fish etc. depend on bugs and insects for food, the bugs and insects do a major process in keeping our environment clean.  

The article (this was in the Wall Street Journal, hardly a bastion of “environmentalists” emphasizes the need to avoid killing off the insects and bugs, which could create major problems if the kill off continues.  

The article mentions that human beings have increased by about 50% (I’m not sure of the actual number), while the population of bugs and insects have decreased by 50%, a matter of concern. 

With all of the severe weather, I have been thinking about survival without electricity.  Not any fun, but if it has to be done, you don’t have any choice.

I read about how “air conditioning” has been used since the early days, including such actions as using wet reeds and wind to cool, even using fans with “hand cranks” that had the big disadvantage of having to have someone turn the crank all the time!

The “modern” air-conditioning was invented by Willis Carrier in 1908, although it didn’t become really popular until after WWII.  

Even now, when I wonder how people got by without air conditioning, I realize that most of my life was lived without air conditioning.  I still can remember the signs “come in it’s Kool inside”, advertising “Kool” cigarettes.  Without any air conditioning in the house or car,  the chance to cool off in  a store was nice!

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 23, 2019.

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