2019 Summer June 24 Monday

63 degrees this morning, 93% humidity.  

63 degrees this morning, makes me wonder when Summer is finally going to start this year!  While there have been some hot days, it seems the mode is rain and cool weather! 

Yesterday was cloudy and seemed like rain all day.  There was a storm in the morning (after my walkI), but the rest of the day was just cloudy.  A storm did go through in the afternoon, but it was all to the South.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 28:08 minutes

Bike (outside):  25:25 minutes 

Didn’t swim since thunderstorms during the time I normally swim and the swimming pool closes during thunderstorms I lightning is close.

Pace was 17 seconds slower than my goal.

Monday is here, weekend went too fast!  

I need to look up when to use “to” and when to use “too”.  I know “too” is used when “also” is meant, but it seems to be more complicated that that!

Went to an AAA ball game last night.  As I mentioned the game scheduled  are erratic, since they have a long “home stand” and then they have a long “road trip”.  This was our 3rd game in a row, with a game on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

Due the type of ticket we have, it also is our Supper, so even if the our team loses, we have also gotten Supper!  Fortunately the food is prepared very well and quality food is used.  Unfortunately the team is having a horrible year.

I read the other day about early attempts to make commercial buildings and houses “energy self sufficient” with wind towers , etc. 

I really think the “wind power” should be aimed at small turbines providing electrify to individual buildings or communities.  The huge fields of wind turbines which are profitable in only with huge tax incentives is hardly a good alternative.  (The tax incentives in this state cost a lot more than expected  and of course were the result of huge “donations” to politicians, not any rationale reason.)

I realize there is a strong temptation to build huge field so turbines and “transport” the electricity, but it seems more reasonable to have small local turbines.  Areas without sufficient wind have other electric sources, like solar, water turbines etc.  

Also, since natural gas is so abundant it is literally burned off and is a clean fuel, I don’t quite understand why natural gas isn’t emphasized more in electric generation.  

A lot of strong dreams yesterday morning, unfortunately I didn’t remember them long enough to write down.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 24, 2019.

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