2019 Summer June 27 Thursday

75 degrees this morning, 85% humidity 

Beautiful day yesterday, high in 90’s, sunny.  

Walk yesterday 27:56 minutes, pace was 6 seconds slower than my goal.  

Actually walked 14,185 steps yesterday or 6.24 miles (including my morning walk).  Probably not a record, but it caught my attention.  

Sitting out on the patio this morning writing this, a little later than usual, I changed my schedule a little since I have some routine medical appointments today.  Listening to the birds sign and a light breeze blowing through the trees.  The birds are really chipper this morning!  

I assume what I write in this journal is different depending on what time of the day I write it.  Since it is more of a “flow” rather than planned, what I say can be influenced by anything. 

Sometimes it seems to develop a life of its own in some ways as the words pop up on my screen.  

I really noticed a major difference in writing between the old typewriters (or handwritten) and computers.  Somehow seeing the words pop up on the screen as you write them seems to connect your mind to your words in an instantaneous manner.

Also, spell check, being able to easily correct mistakes, make changes, “cut and paste” etc. seems like a miracle when you think of it.  Of course, like water, air and electricity, I don’t think about the wonder of it, unless I am missing it!

I think anything that can expedite communication is important and beneficial.  I think that is one reason that cell phones, especially smart phones became so vital to our lives.  

I think I realized the impact of cell phones once when a visitors daughter was able to call her friend just by dialing the phone.  Instantaneous communication!  It definitely changed our world! 

What once was a favorite weekend breakfast restaurant recently closed.  We went there on weekends at least several times per month, it had good food, good service and was just a nice experience.  Also, they had “true” gluten free food, and many people with allergy to gluten went there as it was one of the few “true” gluten free restaurants (with a separate grill).

Somehow, things started to change for the worse and for a variety of reasons, we stopped going there.  

I always thought of restaurants as having a life of their own, and it is sad when they close and suddenly all of the experiences are in the past.  I expect bars and gyms etc. are the same way.  On the other hand, for whatever reason, this restaurant had changed and become a new place that apparently most people had decided didn’t meet their needs anymore.  

We had decided about 3 weeks ago not to eat their again, and I read yesterday of it’s closing.

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 27, 2019.


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