2019 Summer June 28 Friday

78  degrees this morning, 78% humidity

Another wonderful day yesterday, sunny, some clouds. 

Courtyard Marriott Old Town in Wichita Kansas is a major disappointment.  While I realize Marriotts always have small rooms, they are normally reasonably nice.  

The good things are the bed and pillows are excellent.  The room is totally dysfunctional with the tv blocking access to the desk (or vice versa) and generally looks like the designer didn’t really care, just tried to stuff everything in.

The AC is horrible, so noisy it even bothers me, a person who can sleep anywhere!  

I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have a free breakfast at a hotel!  Not that I would want to eat here anyway.

I have learned from experience to not stay at hotels renovated from old stores etc near an “entertainment” or “historic” district and should have known better.

Thank goodness I am staying free (on a “free room” certificate I get from their loyalty program.  !t isn’t worth even that. I feel sorry for anyone who gets stuck here for more than one night, I”m sure it is touted as a “convention” hotel.

I’ll reserve comment on “Old Town”, but I was not impressed by what I saw last night!  

A rather strange experience yesterday.  I wanted to get gas and noticed the “Walmart Neighborhood had gas for almost 14 cents less per gallon than the 7-11 across the street.  

While I usually get gas at 7-11, even the small amount of savings seems to make it worthwhile to get gas at Walmart.  The first pump with the “regular with 10% ethanol pump was “out of service”.  The next pump didn’t have a pump for “regular with 10% ethanol”.  After that, I went to 7-11, it is easy to advertise gas at a low price if you don’t have any to sell!

Hopefully I won’t fall for that one again!  Actually, I like Walmart and really feel it wasn’t deliberate!  However, I will continue to get my gas at 7-11 and not even bother to check Walmart!

Saw the fields of “wind generation turbines” again.  In a way, they have their own art, but it still seems like they could have a more advanced wind generation system.  Of course, I think they should be more concentrated to serve smaller areas and not be so disruptive to the environment.  (It seems they could be much smaller.)

I realize it is easy to criticize and hard to “do” things.  I wouldn’t want to operate a hotel, but the Marriott Corporation should do a better job than this!  I think iI have come to trust the name, so it is a real disappointment to stay in such a  dysfunctional, noisy room that really isn’t worth the money, whatever the cost.  

I expected “Old Town” to be hokey etc., but I don’t really know if it is or not, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.  At least I won’t be disappointed, whatever it is.  

That’s it for now, Friday, June 28, 2019.

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