2019 Summer June 29 Saturday

80 degrees this morning, 79% humidity. 

Excellent day yesterday, sunny, little wind.  

Another trip through the Flint Hills at 75 miles per hour.  I always seem to see something new as we travel through it.

Besides the normal changes in the colors etc of the Flint Hills, I also noted several small windmills that I believe certainly meet the definition of a “small wind generator”, since most of these pump only for a specific well etc!

Another was that cows gathered together tightly in some areas and scattered in other areas. I learned that control of flies was the reason. 

The national embarrassment lying coward lunatic is wasting taxpayer money on luxury travel where he embraces insane butcher dictators and insults our friends.  What a joke, what an embarrassment to the United States.

I just read where he has “taken over” the Washington DC independence celebration and is wasting taxpayers on trying to get re-elected by using taxpayer money to pay for a re-election speech and a bunch of parade hype like the murdering dictators he sucks up to do.  Sick, a real criminal, the congressional cowards need to step in and stop this illegal behavior.  

The thought of this thief and lying coward wasting taxpayer funds for this debacle makes me sick. It is obviously illegal and another sign of his insanity and attempts to profit off of the presidency.  

Congress needs to step in and stop this criminal from wasting money and running around calling himself “tariff man” like some comic book villain and destroying our economy with his ignorant delusional actions  (Or at least make sure he can’t impose tariffs without congressional approval.)

The Courter Reunion is here, a chance to visit with persons I have literally known my entire life etc.  

Going through Wichita this morning, I suddenly realized how “old” persons I knew at Wichita State University would be!  (as I am!)  A lot of time and yet so little time!

Just read where “artificial intelligence” machines that measure your “productivity” at work are being developed. It measures a large number of factors and attempts to arrive an an “objective” measure of how productive you are.

Of course the developer says it would be used only by employees to measure how they are doing. (ha ha)

I can only assume it would quickly be used by employers to decide who is “productive” (whatever that may mean for a lot of jobs that can’t be measured) etc. and which employee will keep their jobs, get raises etc.  

That would be used until something else is developed that demonstrates the problem with the first one, with no way to correct the damage to employees careers from incorrect technology! 

That’s it fo now, Saturday, June 29, 2019. 

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