2019 Summer June 30 Sunday

77 degrees this morning, 82% humidity

Beautiful Day yesterday, hot, (mid-nineties), few clouds.  Today has a “0” % change of rain!  Of course that is only as good as of this moment, subject to change!  

Reunion is unfolding fast, as normal.  It all goes so fast, I just go with the flow, reunion will be over today. It is all a time to catch up on what is happening in our lives. 

Even with Facebook, mobile phones, e-mail and texting, it is nice to just have some unplanned, spontaneous personal visiting!  

I was thinking this morning on how this daily journal can be a challenge as well as an opportunity.  It is an opportunity to literally comment on any thought I want (and i do!), but it also could be a challenge if I worried about having to write a daily journal!

Fortunately I almost never consider it a challenge.  I think of it as  a blank place of “paper” (once actually paper, now virtual) that is available for me, here today for me to use, and there won’t be a second chance to comment on my thoughts on this specific day again!  Tomorrow, I will be commending about another day!

Some early arrivers of us went to the area where we grew up and stopped by Soldier, Kansas to visit our family grave sites at the Soldier Cemetery   We are alway impressed at how the city keeps up the city and cemetery with such few people.  

The cemetery is always in excellent condition (and i personally know how much work it is to maintain a cemetery) andthey also maintain an excellent park and community center (again, i am well aware of how much word is involved in this!).  An amazing community.  

Also briefly visited Holton, the place we went “to town” for shopping on weekends and swimming in the summer.  

I did miss driving by my beloved Holton City Library where I learned to love books and reading.  (The Russell, Kansas Library later played the same role in my life during High School years). 

The Russell Library was actually built as a result of a gift from someone, I will always thank them for that.  

I realized if I wanted to thank someone, I needed to know their name. However, I checked on Google, and oddly enough did not find the person’s name who donated the money for the current Russell Library (unless my memory is not correct and it was build by the City/County). 

I did learn it was built in 1962, so my memory is correct that it  was brand new at the time I first started using it. I probably started using the Russell Library in 1960, but I don’t recall the old library.  A few years ago, I drove by the Russell Library and it has aged well, still a very functional and architecturally nice library.  

I looked the Holton Library up and found it is the same wonder building I remember when I was a child.  The Holton Library was established in 1897, although  I couldn’t find when the current building was built it had to be before 1952 or so!  It is a wonderful building that established in my mind what a library is!

I hope the residents who fund, operation, contribute and operate the libraries realize how important they are in people’s lives!  

Last day of June 30, 2019.  Tomorrow the second half of 2019 begins. 

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 30, 2019.

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