2019 Summer July 2 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, 4% humidity. 

Excellent day yesterday, as we returned home from the Reunion.  

Very enjoyable time, kind of a trip into my history which was the future not too long ago!  The trip back was fine.  Uneventful, which is the way I like it!  

July 2, marks five years since we moved to this area and 4 years 10 months in my current job.  Actually July 2 is the day the moving van came with our items, so that is the day I count as the day we moved here.

Actually we were here several days prior to that and slept on air mattresses in the house we had rented!  

The first night we were there the smoke alarm battery started beeping, which wasn’t a good sign for the house!  We stayed there one year before we bought a house. 

The five years has gone fast (at least when  we look back on it!).  

Vacation always leaves me a little disoriented as I reenter my job after being on lave for 3 business days (and the weekend).  Somehow I always feel like the world here should have stopped while I was gone, but of course, it continues. 

Obviously I realize the world doesn’t  and shouldn’t stop because I am gone, but I remember the first long trip away from home when I was a child.  I returned, kind of thinking I would have been missed, but I found the “home world” continued while I was in my “vacation world”!  

I always wondered which was the “real world”, the “home world” where I wasn’t there or the “vacation world” where I was.  I finally decided my world was where I was, but I always wonder what would have happened if I had not been on the “vacation world”.   I figured it had to are different wen I was present!

One of those feelings I know how I feel but it is hard to explain.  Obviously I don’t really expect the world to stop just because I’m not at that location, but it is a feeling I always get and I acknowledge the feeling.  

That is probably why I obsessively check my voice mail and e-mail while I am out!  

Today was basically a day of travel and rest.  Tomorrow I am getting back into the swing of things and am going to try to resume my exercise routines and other daily habits. 

This will be a really short week, with vacation yesterday and July 4 on Thursday.  I thought about taking vacation Friday, but have a lot to  do and I don’t mind a “one day Holiday” during the week.

The first of the month is when I get my monthly assignments (or the bulk of them), so it is an especially busy time anyway.  

I am really disgusted that the lying coward lunatic is getting away with looting our tax dollars for his re-election campaign disguised as a July 4 celebration.  

What a waste, what a shame this incompetent, publicity hound lying coward lunatic is allowed to waste literally billions of dollars on tributes to himself and using tax $ for luxury trips where he hauls his family around  on luxury trips paid with tax $ so they can make business contacts! 

I heard some cicadas’ while at the Reunion.  Soon I will probably hear some here.  I like the sound and for some reason it gives me kind of a nostalgic feeling. 

I am currently babying my iPhone and MacBook Air hoping they will last until this Fall.  I am sure the iPhone will b upgraded and there is a good chance the MacBook Air will be upgraded, so I am trying to make sure they last (in trade in condition) until then!  

Usually I keep my old iPhones to repurpose, but this time I am going to trade them in.  The iPhone 6 has never been my favorite phone so I will trade them if possible.

Well, back to work, al least I will have a holiday Thursday to help me adjust to the work week again!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 2, 2019.

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