2019 Summer July 3 Wednesday

78 degrees this morning, 74% humidity, wind 10 mph

Some rain early yesterday morning, almost like it was raining while it was sunny!  Good, but cloudy day.

Exercise yesterday:  28:06 Walking and 20:13 swimming.  Pace was 19 seconds slower than my goal.

Thought I may be able to get some  biking in, but it wasn’t to be,  at least yesterday.

I think the days are already getting noticeably shorter as Summer both starts and wanes.

My favorite saying “The World Without End is Ending” illustrates the fact that, while in the present, your “world” is what it is, but just by “being”, it is also ending.  One of the reasons I like to say I believe in living in the moment.

I mentioned about how a restaurant etc. can be it’s own “world”, and how the closing of a restaurant seems like a loss of a community or part of your life more than just a restaurant or business closing.  Obviously the same is true of a lot of institutions, businesses and places that develop their own personality.  

I always remember one of my favorite Mayors saying “a City was like a ship, people get one, people get off, but the ship continues it’s journey down the river”.  He noted that his job was to make sure when he got off the ship, it was a little bit better for his being on they ship.  

I think of that comment often and sometimes it is like a nudge to “make the ship better” while I am on it!  

Perhaps it is like the comments that many people make that people don’t “own” land, (or any possession), they merely are trustees of it and it is our duty to leave it better than it was when we got it.

Of course, the definition of “better” can be a sticking point, since everyone has their own definition of ‘better’.

Perhaps that is why it is so hard to throw things away, you feel like you have failed in your general quest to leave everything better after you own it. 

For many items and  “experiences”,  the purpose is to use it up, such as food, travel, etc.  The concept that consuming the item is the use of the item really applies to a lot of things and experiences, including food and many items.  

Anyway, obviously I need to ponder some of these ideas and concepts, I obviously haven’t thought them through!

One of the things I like about exercise (swimming, walking, bicycling etc. is that it is an opportunity to think about things and I frequently use the time  to think about tasks I have and use it to process problems or tasks. It can be very effective.

When I have a project etc. I frequently use exercise to think it through while exercising.  When I wrote memo’s etc. a lot, I would frequently “write” the memo while exercising and merely write it down later!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

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