2019 Summer July 4 Thursday

74 degrees this morning, 84% humidity 

Beautiful day yesterday until a sudden thunderstorm came up.  It was about the time I return home, but it didn’t rain on me until I was almost home.

Supposedly it rained 5+ inches here between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in some areas in our city.  I don’t think it rained that much where we live.

Exercise yesterday:  Walk, 28:09 minutes, pace 37 seconds slower than my goal.  Didn’t swim yesterday, usually don’t when I have a field day due to time restraints.  

Probably one of the most frustrating parts of my job is dealing with the procedures instituted by politicians that require me to waste an hour or so a day proving I didn’t waste 5 minutes someplace.  What a waste.  That doesn’t even include the several hours it takes me to prepare the final report, the checking by 3 or more Supervisors etc.  

Frankly I don’t see many people wasting time, most are interested in doing a good job and just want to do their job without micromanaging by politicians who have no understanding of the jobs.  We all resent the waste of time and the time it takes from doing our real job.  

Independence Day today.  I enjoy the holiday, not really much of a fireworks fan.  Nothing wrong with them, just seems like such a waste of money.  Also, it terrorizes animals etc. and damages the environment.   I do appreciate the celebration and observance, I can’t believe what the colonists  went through to establish independence etc. as well as write a constitution that has stood for so long.

The lying coward lunatic is wasting billions of dollars on trying to defend  his fragile ego  and using taxpayer dollars for a campaign event.  Typical of a draft dodging coward, has to scream about how patriotic he is.  His actions certainly say otherwise!  I can’t understand why the congressional cowards allow this to happen. 

Allowing the lying coward lunatic to waste money like this on an ego project is unbelievable.  Again the taxpayers are paying for  fat cat donors and the lobbyists to flatter the lying coward lunatic and receive special favors.  

Hopefully Nature will see it as a chance for payback for all of the damage the lying coward lunatic has done, and it will be a rain-out and the attempt by the lying coward lunatic to loot the taxpayers for a campaign event will be ruined.  Evan with that he will have wasted millions, but at least he won’t get any benefit from it.  

Especially chilling is the comment about some boot licker in the Interior Department who said the funds ripped off from the Parks Department for this fiasco would be “taken from a  Liberal area like San Francisco”.  Talk about illegal use of government for political purposes!  

Friday will be “both Friday and Monday”.  Actually I rather enjoy it!  I don’t mind a “mid-week” Holiday, it kind of breaks things up.  

Now that I know there is some change of an “upgrade” to my MacBook Air, of course I feel like the battery is going faster.  

Actually, I just checked and the battery went from “replace soon” to “replace now” within the past few weeks.  I’ll just hold my breath and go for it!  I’m not sure if that affects the trade-in value or not, as long as it runs with the power cord!  Hopefully I  won’t have to find out soon.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, the 4th of July, 2019

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