2019 Summer July 5 2019

79 degrees this morning, 79% humidity 

Nice day yesterday, a little cloudy, thought it was going to rain in the morning but it cleared up.

Most of all, it was a Holiday, which is wonderful!  A Holiday is even better than a day of vacation because no one expects you to be at work!  It isn’t that important any more, but it is ingrained into my head, so I still find Holiday’s as special! 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 27:34 minutes, pace 14 seconds faster than my goal

Bicycle, 21 minutes (outside)

I got a little lazy and didn’t air up my bike tires, and I paid the price on the ride!  Somehow the tires appear to be ok, but  really aren’t!  It just isn’t near as much fun with low tires!

One of the actions I don’t like about bike riding is airing up the tires.  With my new air compressor, it is a little easier, but still, it is a hassle.  On my “main bike”, it has the weird shape tire air valves that require a converter to accept a normal air compressor.

My problem is the valve converters I have (that allow me to use an air compressor on them) are worth what I paid for them (either nothing or 25 cents) and I need to get better valve converters.  (That may not be the right term).  

I’m going to check with my bike shop and see if there is a way to change the tire valves first, and then if I can get better valve convertors.

The other bike has regular valves, which is very nice and not near the hassle to fill up the tires with.  

I’m thinking of just designating one day a week as “fill the bike tires day” so I won’t have to hassle with it otherwise. 

For years I had a good basic air compressor that worked well, then it was stolen when we moved and I have had a hassle with tires ever since!

Pleased yesterday that my pace was 14 seconds below my goal!  That is the best I have had since I resumed walking outside.  

I noted during my bike riding outside how much I “free wheel” and I wonder if it is really better to ride outside rather than inside (although I enjoy “outside” so much better it doesn’t really matter!).  I feel like it is a lot better workout based on how much I huff and puff and how I really feel like I have a much better workout!  I can “stand” to ride on a stationary bike if I have to, but outside is much better.  However, I really don’t like walking inside, hopefully it won’t come to that this winter!

Today is both a “Friday and a Monday”  (I kept thinking it was Sunday yesterday), so it will probably be a rather weird day!

That’s it fo now, Friday, July 5, 2019

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