2019 Summer July 6 Saturday

76 degrees this morning, 83% humidity Rain coming in 

Overall excellent day yesterday, cloudy 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:23 minutes, pace 11 seconds faster than goal

Swim:  17 minutes 

Appears to be another rain coming in this morning, according to the weather radar.  

Listening to one of the “Great Courses” on myths etc. of different parts of the world, that is early myths .  Almost all of them  seem to have common characteristics, commonly emphasizing the importance of animals, plants etc. in both the creation of life and everyday living.  

This is one of those subjects that takes me  awhile to assimilate.  The “Study Guide” helps a lot if I review it before I walk and also as a refresher.

Struggling a little making the use of Evernote a habit, although perhaps getting back to the routine after vacation and the Holiday will help make it a routine.  

One thing I need to consider is that this is supposed to assist me in making some tasks easier, not add another burden!  I primarily am working on keeping a list of various tasks that are easy to forget, or at least that are easy to put off.  Not a “to do” lists (I have failed enough at that to not waste my time!), but a dynamic list of reminders and priorities.

While setting priorities is relatively easy, maintaining and accomplishing the priorities is not. Change is constant, and the priorities change all the time, which could mean some priorities are always being superseded by another priority!  

I have also been trying to make “My Fittness Pal” a habit.  One problem I have is working through finding certain foods etc.  I think  “I’ll do this when I have more time” and, as I have mentioned getting “a round tu it” is the difficult part of many goals!  

I was glad to see it rain on the lying coward lunatic as he looted our taxes for a waste of money in some kind of weird salute to his incompetence and using taxpayer funds for his political campaign.  As I have mentioned, I can’t stand to see his pig face squeal out the lies and vicious playground insults etc, so I simply mute the tv or fast forward though his lies.  

The lunatic has really gotten dangerous as he thinks he is all-powerful and can override Supreme Court decisions etc. and  the coward congress continues allowing him to take illegal actions and loot taxpayer dollars for luxury travel for his family etc. and using the presidency as for personal profit and the pet projects of his donors and lobbyists.  

July 4, in my mind, has always been somewhat the mid-point of Summer weather.  That isn’t really true, but it is hard to not think of the Summer as starting to end, even though it is just beginning!  I think it goes back to school summer vacations as a child when July 4 was the midpoint of the summer vacation.

This is the latest we have ever not had to turn on the sprinkler system since we have lived in a house where  we had to use one!  I keep thinking the dry weather has started and then it rains again.  

A lot different than several years ago, when we couldn’t find anyone to work our sprinkler system since it was so dry they were all overwhelmed!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 6, 2019.

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