2019 Summer July 8 Monday

74  degrees this morning, 89% humidity 

Nice day yesterday (no rain).  We went to an afternoon baseball game, and it was definitely hot!  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:58 minutes, pace was 9 seconds slower than goal

Swim:  21:56 minutes

Enjoyed sitting on the patio in the early morning.  Don’t spend quite as much time  as I used to, due to time spent on exercise etc. but still enjoyable.  I especially enjoy the feeling of the night ending, the day coming in, the birds singing and just the feeling of hanging out with nature.  

During my walk I rarely meet or see a car.  The past week I walked every day and I think  I saw one car the entire time. It is really nice to walk and not see any cars!   

I have gotten used to the “walking socks”, now I don’t feel comfortable wearing anything  but “walking/running socks” when I take my walk in the morning.  I only use them for walking and not for regular wear. 

I got my first pair several years ago (with a “lifetime guarantee” I figured they were a good deal, even at a price much higher than I normally pay for socks!) While they are expensive (about $12), in literal terms they are cheap considering how much more comfortable my walk is.  

The last time I bought new shoes I also bought several pairs of walking socks and I have found one type that I really like and really make it a lot more comfortable to walk.

It is time for another pair of “walking shoes”  (I use them only for my daily walk so I can keep track of how many miles I hav eon them) and I intend to buy some more walking socks when I buy the shoes. 

After buying “cheap” shoes for years, I started buying “quality” shoes at a local shoe shop (Brooks primarily, and about the only brand I buy now) on the recommendation of my foot doctor who basically advised me to buy better shoes or face an operation that will keep me off my feet for 6-8 weeks! 

Busy weekend, I am scrambling to get some projects done I had planned to do this weekend and suddenly realized the weekend is almost over!  Not major importance, just items I was going to do “this weekend” and I suddenly realized the weekend is almost over!

Due to the local paper being so late/not coming, I had started reading the paper “on line” and have gradually converted to where I read it on-line most of the time.  I still subscribe to the physical paper.  

I have found the bad part about “digital” newspapers  and magazines is simply that you forget you have them. By the time you think about it, it is too late to read it or at least it isn’t near as relevant.  

Reading about the horrible earthquakes in California  I can’t even imagine what it is like to have two major earthquakes and a bunch of “smaller” earthquakes.  

I am pretty sure I have lived though two small earthquakes that I have heard of felt. I actually heard one and felt one, neither all that powerful.  However, they were more than powerful enough meeting,  The second time, the recliner moved  a little, but it sure seemed like  lot to me!

They have slowed down a lot here, although I expect they could start again at any time.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 8, 2019.

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