2019 Summer July 9 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, 86% humidity 

Overall a nice, hot day yesterday late afternoon/early evening isolated heavy rain.  

Reading about how various law enforcement agencies are combing through state drivers license pictures, without any authorization from anyone,  to use them for facial recognition.  I was amazed to read about this, and it seems to increasing demonstrate how we are rapidly approaching a “1984” scenario where totalitarian governments have the power of  absolute control of residents.

While in the past I would have just thought “this will only be used for criminals” and “it will never happen in America”, obviously when you see the lying coward lunatic and his band of incompetent boot lickers flouting the law, the Supreme Court and using the law to “punish” political “enemies”,   I get very concerned about misuse of the information and the means to control our lives based on our political beliefs and behavior.

Even in our state our “senior” Senator, who while he has always been a flake, is even bragging about how the lying coward lunatic has been good for the environment!  It is hard to believe anyone would believe such a lie!

Insanity and disillusion prevail!  The lying coward lunatic and his back of incompetent bootlickers is already trying to “punish” their “political enemies” and attempting to put the violation of our rights into concrete by  the appointment of incompetent boot lickers to lifetime judgeships approved by the congressional cowards. This is especially sickening and frightening.  

I was never much of a conspiracy theorists, but I am becoming a believer when I read about the insane antics of the kook brothers and their tax exempt  “thunk tanks”, (“thunk” is not a misspelling) that are only propaganda  machines to make people like the kook brothers richer and more powerful at the expense of regular citizens.  

The lying coward lunatic continues to use the “big lie” to try to lie his way out of his incompetence and criminal behavior.   It is so unusual to have such a pathetic, chronic liar in any position of leadership in the United States, it it hard to believe it is actually happening.  

On another subject, while leaving the ballgame the other day, we saw on of the “electric scooters” take a tumble in a parking lot (where he wasn’t supposed to be), put a big dent in a car, and take off.  

After having someone back into our car and take off, I can emphasize with the car that was hit.  I wish I had had the presence of thought to grab my iPhone and take a video, although it probably wouldn’t have come out since it was night.  

While I recognize the possible usefulness of such transportation (although I know better than to try them!), I think they need to be more controlled.  

As usual, it is probably the few users who abuse the scooters (ride on sidewalks, damage cars etc.) who bring blame on all users, it still is a problem.

Learning to deal with old batteries on electronics seems to be a problem on all my devices. My work computer now has developed a reluctance to charge the battery, which I am finding is absolutely no fun as I try to figure out how to hold the cord so I can charge the computer!  

We live by our computers (and phones).  We are getting new computers, so it makes no sense to fix it etc.  I am finding I can eventually deal with anything if I have to, at least as long as it continues to charge if I hold the cords right!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 9, 2019. 

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