2019 Summer July 10 Wednesday

81 degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday, hot, little wind.

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 27:49 minutes, pace 3 seconds slower than my goal

-Swim:  21:15 

-Bike (outside):  20 minutes 

Did all three exercises yesterday (walk, swim, bicycle) which is my goal.  Time is always a limitation.  

Watching some of the sports events, I am always surprised when it seems that the “announcers” feel like they are as much (or more) of an attraction as the players/game

I don’t really care to hear ANY of their personal opinions, I wish they would describe the play on the field and forget their personal observations.  They will just rattle on until I want to turn the sound off (and I sometimes do).  

Baseball is bad enough, but there was someone (I think the pro basketball playoffs), who ran around giving his personal opinion on everything.  What is strange, other news media also played up his opinions.  

Pro basketball has become even more contrived than most sports (other than maybe professional wrestling) with the players moving every year in an effort to “buy” themselves a championship.  

I occasionally liked to watch the local NBA team, but I might not waste my time in the future.  The players change so much I really don’t know who is playing. 

Not that professional baseball is much better, especial when someone in Florida “purchased” a World Series and then destroyed the team through trades etc to make money. 

Actually, years ago they had a football game without announcers.  With technology today, it seems like they could televise a game without announcers or at least with minimum announcers.  

Anyway, that is far beyond my capacity to worry about, since I can’t do anything about it, except avoid watching the really contrived ones.

In a similar vein, going to the Fittness center yesterday morning, I was surprised at how the announcers on CNBC seemed to think I cared what their personal opinions on matters on what social media they are “taking a break on” etc. 

Fortunately there are plenty of other channels available, but it seems strange that they spend 15 minutes (or more) talking about themselves.  

Read this morning about the lying coward lunatic is gathering a band of his bootlickers today to try to control “social media” by claiming they aren’t able to spread their playground lies and taunts on social media enough.

Of course, what they mean is they want to use it to spread their lies, hate and dirty tricks to try to steal the election for the lying coward lunatic again. 

I can only hope the legitimate news media continues to investigate and report on the antics of these criminals.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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