2019 Summer July 12 Friday

70  Degrees this morning, 77  % humidity 

Beautiful Day yesterday, even though it was a difference of only about 4 degrees I could feel the coolness when I went out on my walk.  

Exercise yesterday: 

Walk 29:3i0 minutes, pace was 30 seconds slower than goal.  (Actually I forgot to shut the watch off so I the time is a little shorter and the pace a little faster  than in reality!)

Swim: 21:19 minutes.  

My MacBook Air is starting to heat up on almost any program and shut off at erratic times.  Not really bad yet, just it is becoming undependable.  I am trying to wait until the possible MacBook Air upgrade this Fall before I buy another computer,  but it is getting close.  

Ditto with my cell phones,  I am trying to stretch them out to this fall.  

Turned on our sprinkler system today, the latest I have ever turned on a sprinkler in a place where we have a sprinkler.

Apparently the electric had been off, so I had to try to get the Sprinkler to get the correct time day and date on it as well as the cycles for watering etc.  I’ll have to learn by trial and error!

The book I am listening to on my morning walk about “myths”is now in the area about American Indian Tribal myth.  It is interesting, and it ties in to some novels I read where certain customs of Tribes, so it was interesting to hear  a more comprehensive background to the story or custom.  

The book has helped me understand the role of the “trickster”,  etc.  I actually understand some of the art I have better now.  

I always anticipate the next book after I finish one.  Doesn’t mean I dislike he one I am listening too now, just it that there are a lot of good books out there!

I normally listen to non-fiction for my walk, and fiction books in the car.  It provides a good balance.  

Still working with Evernote.  I have found I don’t have any problem creating the “plan”, the problem is reading it each day!  Anyway it is a work in progress and I will continue to try to use it as it seems like it will be a benefit.

I think the problem (or challenge) is that the day starts and I just step in the flow of the day and don’t look up until the end of the day!   

That’s it for now, Friday, July 12, 2019.    

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