2019 Summer July 13 Saturday

70 degrees this morning 87% humidity 

Another good day yesterday, a little cooler.  

I recently seem to be encountering other motorists who seem to go out of their way to be idiots.  Maybe it goes in cycles or maybe I just became more sensitive to it.  Or maybe it is a full moon or something (it isn’t a full moon!).

Going to the Fittness center the other morning (meaning traffic is very light at that time of the day and there were only 2 cars on the road).  I am going at (or slightly above) the speed limit and this vehicle passes me on the right and zips in front of me.  

I assumed he wanted to make a left hand turn (which I was doing), but no, he just wanted to get in front of me, he was going straight.  

I suppressed my urge to do make some kind of gesture, and just looked ahead as I turned left ahead of him at the green arrow!

Then coming back the same night, this car follows me really close on a two lane road.  Again I suppressed the urge to even be angry, slam on my brakes, or slow to a crawl and I just keep going at my normal speed, slight above the speed limit.

There was a turn lane, about 100 yards, where the road ends and you have to turn right of left.  This idiot zips around to get in front of me in that short of a space.  Again, I suppress he urge to give him a gesture, blink my lights, or worse yet, speed up and pass him. 

In my adult stage, I simply go my normal speed and have a laugh when he turned into the neighborhood where I live as he got behind a slow car and I was behind him, but suppressed the urge to tailgate him.  

Yesterday morning, same type of thing.  There is a stretch where the road turns from two lanes to one lane.  Motorists here are extremely polite and unusually get in line early and don’t pass on the right.  

This time the idiot sped up, jumped in front of me, making me brake and then made a right turn!

Anyway, none of it hurt me a bit and I got a good “what in the world” story our of it!

On another subject, I have recently noted quotes about how we are will get old, and to “enjoy the moment” as new live. 

Nothing I couldn’t agree with more, except I was pondering the advice to “use the good silverware”.  

I don’t think people would necessarily enjoy “using the good silverware”!  I think part of the enjoyment of “using the good silverware” is the expectation of using it for special occasions, with a low bar for “special occasions”, so you don’t never use it!

I was thinking about that the other morning while I was putting away our “everyday” silverware.  We bought it 22 years ago thinking it would last at least a year!  

More later on this.

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 13, 2019.2019

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