2019 Summer July 15 Monday

72 degrees this morning, 89% humidity.  The “cold wave” continues!

Excellent day yesterday some clouds 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:50 minutes, pace one second faster than goal.

Swimming:  22 minutes

Bike outdoors:  23:53 minutes

I finally bit the bullet and used my Apple Watch during my bike ride today.  (I’ll never use it for swimming).  It does help to have all the details.  

Problem with the Apple Watch is I can’t read the time while I am bicycling, so I’ll need to wear another stop watch also (my $5.00 Walmart special I wear for swimming) also so I can keep track of my time.  

I wear my Apple Watch for my walk, but I don’t need to know my time while I walk.  

What is so frustrating about the Walmart special is that sometimes it gets caught in “set” mode and I can’t get the stopwatch function to come up!  Since I check the time during swimming and bicycling,  it is important to me.

I’m getting back into bicycling with little coughing etc.  I have progressed relatively well on getting my “outdoor bicycle legs” back.  I am riding over to another neighborhood, keeping an eye out for cars etc.  

I will keep expanding my ride options.  I have never really biked on a trail or a sidewalk, so I ride the road.  There is a wide (I believe 10’) walking/biking path about 1/2 mile from our house that runs along an electrical easement, so I should be able to access that soon.  It does have a big hill to get to the trail!

Working on trying to get full usage from our iPhones and iWatches and decided I am going to research a project at least once a week.  Right now I am concentrating on the exercise and health aspect of it.

While I have never been sensitive to invasion of privacy, it was basically because I didn’t think I needed to be.  I probably don’t need to be, but I am becoming concerned for our nation about several concerns.

I noted that some government agencies are using State Drivers License pictures without any authorization from anyone and, with the current incompetent, unqualified political hacks appointed as judges, it could be a real problem in protecting our rights.   

Now today, I read something that worries me even more.  Some companies, agencies etc. are compiling massive data of faces of everyone from social media, the dating sites etc. and will use them for facial recognition.  Supposedly they will sell them to anyone who wants a large data base of face recognition.  That is REALLY scary, especially again considering that we are losing the protection of our freedoms due to the incompetent political hacks appointed as judges.  

Considering the attempt by the lying coward lunatic and his back of incompetent criminals to attack his “enemies”  and the lack competent judges this could be  a real problem in the future.

That’s it for now, Monday, July 15, 2019. 

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