2019 Summer July 16 Tuesday

74 degrees this morning, 83% humidity

Another excellent day yesterday, some clouds during the day. 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 27:35 minutes, pace 2 seconds faster than goal.  

The exercise is continuing, perhaps somewhat slow, but at least it is continuing.  Right now I am concentrating on walking, swimming and bicycling (outside) and not too worried about the other type of exercises, although I still do my sit-ups, bench press and barbells at home.  

Sometime I hope to have the time to expand a little in the gym.  I actually really enjoyed the rowing machine and some of the machines.  I also liked the “bands” although I have some I bought for home, so I don’t have any excuse not to do the “band” exercises!

Thinking of topics I can give speeches about for Toastmasters, I might give some on how “expectations” play such a role in our lives and also how “negativity” can destroy incentive and initiative.

I always loved planning trips etc. and enjoyed planing my schedule in college and even planning my weekly activities.  Sometimes I think I should have been a travel agent.  

The problem is the expectations don’t always live up to reality, although sometimes they exceed reality, so I guess it kind of averages out, although I don’t really think that is the goal.

I always remember a person I worked who took their children to Disneyland, didn’t tell them, just jumped in the car (or on the plane) and went.  (This was Memphis, where Orlando was readily available by a car trip.).

Anyway, he said the main problem was they missed the expectation of the trip and didn’t enjoy it quite as much as usual since they hadn’t had the chance to develop expectations about the trip. 

Expectations are important, but also I think unrealistic expectations can lead to disappoint that will ruin the trip or whatever.  

Somehow expectations have to be part of the mix, or maybe anticipation is a better word.  All I know if that anticipation is a lot of any process, even my work day or a weekend etc.  

I used to know a person who said they used “positive negativity”, they assumed everything would go wrong, so they were pleased when it didn’t go wrong and something turned out right!!  

Not my type of living!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

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