2019 Summer July 17 Wednesday

85 degrees this morning, 63% humidity 

I think 85 degrees when I get up is a record high.  I know it has been as high as 83 degrees, but that is the highest I can remember. Go Summer!  

Good day yesterday, temperature up to 101 degrees.  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:30 minutes, Pace 11 seconds faster than goal.

Swim:  21:16 minutes

While I mentioned liking the hot weather, I did decide it was too hot to bicycle in 101 degrees weather, at least until I get more used to it! 

Weather is always a bit subjective.  Weather I like is horrible for someone else and vice-versa.  Personally I would prefer that it never get below 70 degrees, although I may get tired of it, although I doubt it.

Able to use the patio some in the morning, which is wonderful as always.  I think I would like to take my nap on the patio, and then I think of the “wild” life that may try to disturb my nap!

My naps have taken on a new perspective.  Since I like to swim and the fitness center doesn’t open until 5:00 am., I have developed the habit of writing my journal post when I get up (rather than after my walk.

I then take a short nap before I walk, since I try to end my walk right before I go swimming.  It has actually worked fairly well.  Sometimes I don’t take a nap or have time to take a nap and that is fine also.

I do have one iron rule that I nap after the swim and before I start work! 

I finished the book about myths, which was wonderful and am now listening to a book about the brain and brain surgery.  Not sure how educational but it has been entertaining, at least the fist day.

Saw a snake yesterday on a sidewalk.  I was in the car fortunately and just saw it on the sidewalk.  A couple walking were have a strong reaction to the snake!  I have never cared for snakes.  If a snake is a “good snake”, that is fine, they can just stay hidden from me!  

Actually I saw a baby snake on the curb the other day and literally jumped a few feet when I saw it!  Of course, I know where there are baby snakes, there are big snakes!  It was literally the size of a big worm, but I know immediately it was a snake!

Since I walk in the dark, one thought I always have is the fear of stepping on a snake, but actually that probably isn’t likely (I hope).

I think some about where I was 50 years ago, in Air Force basic training.  It is definitely a different world.  I actually blanked out 3 days of it, from the time I arrived at Lackland AFB and got off the plane until about 3 days later.. I have never remembered it and couldn’t remember anything between then and Moon Day, even the next week.   It really wasn’t that bad considering but it was a definite change.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

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