2019 Summer July 18 Thursday

83 degrees this morning, 63% humidity  

Excellent day yesterday (slightly cooler, 98 degrees instead of 101!)

Exercise yesterday:   Walk 28:06 minutes, pace was 18 seconds slower than goal.  

Thought my walk in 85 degree weather wold be tough, however there was a light breeze and it wasn’t bad at all.  However, I did note I walked slower!

Once again I read about data collection of faces, this one a ‘faceapp” that can show what you will look like as you age (or younger).  Of course, they don’t mention that the app comes from Russia and all of your pictures are being “saved” and can be “transferred” to other owners. 

This means someone has complete access to your younger face, your current fact and your future face, all for nothing but a free app.

Actually, I don’t know how someone would use that (other than facial recognition, which is kind of scary when it is done without the knowledge of the person).  However, it is probably available to anyone for whatever use they want.

As I have mentioned before, I was never that concerned about the government misusing information  and invading privacy, but now I think it is almost a sure thing that the current government will use it to “punish” what they consider their enemies or what they consider to be anyone who stops their plundering of tax $ for themselves, donors and lobbyists.

As I mentioned before, we are not longer protected by Judges since the lying coward lunatic started appointing incompetent political hacks.  

The lying coward lunatic has already stolen millions by having government activities and charging for rooms meals etc. at this property, which has to be illegal.  His numerous “vacation” golf trips to his own properties have literally cost millions.  Sick. 

The lying coward lunatic is really becoming dangerous with his racist taunts. He should resign in shame for such behavior .  Shades of Nazi German when millions screamed along with Hilter in his demagogic  racist policies and speeches pandering to the lowest emotional instincts of some people. 

The lying coward lunatic and his toadies have lost all perspective of what American is about, in complete opposition to what the delusional lunatic squeals about supporting the United States.  

Hopefully the nightmare will be over soon, either by resignation, defeat in the election or impeachment and conviction.  

I have to wonder how the year is going so fast, July is more  than 50% over already!  I am becoming used to wearing shorts and t-shorts while not at work and wearing shorts and a t-shirt to exercise.  

It is great, but it really makes it difficult when winter hits and I have to start wearing  warm clothes again! 

Moving closer to the “t-shirt” quilt, although we were probably going to do a “throw” size so he can have more of a theme to each one.  

What is amazing is they not only can do t-shirts, they also can do ball caps, sweatshirts etc. and incorporate them into a quilt.  

I am staring to pull out t-shirts.  I pull out a t-shirt I haven’t worn for years and get melancholy about not having it to wear anymore!  

Of course, on the good side, if I use my t-shirts and hats for the quilt, I can buy more to replace them!  

Actually, I am looking forward to putting them into a project, since most of the t-shirts I have I won’t wear, but they would be nice in a quilt type throw or blanket.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 18, 2019.  

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