2019 Summer July 19 Friday

82 degrees this morning, 69% humidity, wind 15 mph.

Good day yesterday, about the same temperature, slightly under 100 degrees.  No rain etc.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 27:53 minutes, pace of 2 seconds slower than goal

Swim:  19:07 minutes (spent more time in hot tub this morning!)

Wimped out on bike ride in 98 degree weather, windy

Feel I am making the right decision to not ride the bike now since I’m really not used to the heat, although I have always done fine in heat.  I had started to “roam” on my bike (just to ride as my moves me while riding with no real plan) but I don’t want to do it if here is a chance I will get overheated and get caught too far away from home.  

Another Friday, the weekdays go fast!  I always think I’ll get a lot done (on my “office days” primarily), but that time goes fast also.  

Worked on getting t-shirts available for the first “t-shirt” quilt (actually more like a “throw”).  It is going to be a collage of the t-shirts (and a hat or two) of the town we lived for 13 years.  I think I found just enough t-shirts etc. to complete the size we want.

We went to look at the store and was amazed at what they can do!  

We are going to move slow, but steady on the t-shirt quilts project.  Who knows how many we will end up with!  We will try the first one and go from there.  

I think we got the wifi fixed today, at least the problem we were having.  Websites were loading slowly , etc., and it was getting frustrating.  The technician worked a long time on correcting the problem.  

Sometimes the technology gets the better of them.  

Playing the credit card game of maximizing benefits from using credit cards.  Today I got  a $50 Starbucks card, which I got for $45 in rewards points from another credit card.   I than put the money on the card on my “rewards” Starbucks cards where I earn more points!  Not a lot, probably 1/2 of a coffee drink, but what the heck.  

The purpose isn’t the absolute amount of money, but maximizing the benefits and playing the game. 

I used to primarily try to get hotel and air fare rewards, now I aim more at cash rewards, which can be substantial over time. I get 2% back on one card, so I try to put all my purchases on that card.   I also try to “shift” major purchases over to the next credit card period for the “free float”, even though there is really no economic benefit.  

Just the satisfaction of playing the game, so to speak!   

Looking forward to the weekend.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 19, 2019.

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