2019 Summer July 20 Saturday

81 degrees this morning, 65% humidity. 

Another wonderful Summer day yesterday!  High of around 99 degrees. 

50 years ago was “Moon Day”.  I was in Air Force basic training.  We had the opportunity to go and watch the landing, but if I remember right is was like 2 a.m. , so most of us passed on it for the opportunity to sleep some more!  

To me basic training seemed like a movie, with everyone acting a role that they felt they had been assigned.  

Listening to a book about the human brain on my walk.  I’m not sure how good it is but it does have some interesting tidbits about history, including the two assassins who shot Garfield  and McKinley.  

Garfields assassins defense was that  “he hadn’t killed them, the Doctors had killed them” and they were probably right!  Of course, if he hadn’t shot him, the Doctors wouldn’t have killed him either!  

The book goes into how the Doctors examined their brains for signs of madness etc.  There is a pdf of it that I”m going to have to look at!  

I really didn’t realize that there had been so much investigation into the “brain” since very early times, especially actually physical examination of the brain.  

The book mentions that frequently experiments (or actually new treatments) were tried on royalty first and then it became a fad for everyone!  At one time an  autopsy as technical illegal (unless it was on a criminal who was hung etc.).  After it was done on a King, it become popular!  

Another item in the book was the story about the blind man who traveled the world and had traveled enough miles to go to the moon and back.  At the time, he had traveled more than any man and he was blind.  He wrote travel books etc. which were very popular.

I’ll need to look at the pdf on this, but I glanced at it on Google to get his name and found  a number of travelers in history (including many today) who traveled extensive, even though they were blind and, in some cases blind and deaf.  

There was even one story about a blind man who piloted a ship to safety!  

I’ll need to read more on that!  I find that the more I read or listen about subjects that I know very little about, I find a lot of interesting stories and concepts that I didn’t expect  or know about!

When I looked up “blind man who trailed the world”, I found a large number of cases, many dating back into the 1800 hundreds etc.  The episode in the book was in the early 1900’s.  There also are many stores of of such persons today.

I find that amazing and I’ll need to research this some more.  If nothing else, how they did it!

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 20, 2019

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