2019 Summer July 21 Sunday

 79 degrees this morning, 77% humidity 

Another nice hot Summer Day yesterday.  

I noticed our “red” Crepe Myrtle started “blooming” and I heard the first Cicada last night, both a sign of the height of summer.  

I like Crepe Myrtles because, for one reason, they bloom so long.  Of course I also like their blooms, if you call them that.  They have a quiet elegance and beauty to them. 

I remember Cicada’s (we called them locusts) from when I was a kid.  I always like the sound of Cicada’s and feel a sense of peace when I hear them (which I realize may sound strange, but it is the best I can describe it!)

During the Summer here, I am reminded of “Memphis nights”.  I especially like the summer nights there, even with the tree frogs, it had a certain feeling about it.  

Regarding the man who “visited almost every country on earth, but saw none”  (because he was blind)), they went into more detail on that.  

Apparently he literally used his other senses to “see” the country.  He said didn’t need sight to experience the sounds, tastes, odors etc. of a country.   In addition, he had a stick which, by the way of “echo seeing”, he could visualize shapes etc.  

Actually, glancing at the internet, there were a number of people who traveled extensively even though blind and, in some cases, blind and deaf.  They are able to “retrain” their brain to heighten their other senses to experience life..  

One of the first “seeing aides, was a camera hooked up to some sensors that ran to his tongue.  Somehow he came to where he could identify  shapes, and then even decals, chairs etc.  

The brain is a wonderful device in a lot off ways!

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:55 minutes, pace was 28 seconds slower than my goal.

Swim:  24:15 minutes

bicycle (outdoors), 17 minutes (afternoon) 

I really hesitated before trying the bike due to the heat.  Went a little slow and short.  The heat didn’t brother me aa much as a possible low tire did.  As I have said before the biggest challenge of riding a bike is the tires!

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 21, 2019.

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