2019 Summer July 22 Monday

75 degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Good day yesterday, high of 101 degrees.

Lightning last night, as cooler weather is expected to arrive this week.  I really expected a storm last night or this morning, but it all stayed to the north.  

Exercise yesterday

Walk:  27:56 minutes, pace was 4 seconds slower than goal

Swim:  20:05 minutes 

Listening to the book about the “brain” while I walk, I have learned some interesting facts and concepts.   

One, synesthesia, is seeing colors when haring music or seeing certain numbers.  I have associated some music with colors or see colors when listening to certain music, but not to the extreme I read about.  

There was a story about a conductor who told his (bewildered) orchestra to “play more pink” or “play a darker blue”, since he saw extensive colors when hearing music.

There are also cases when people see colors with certain number can even pick certain numbers our of a picture of a lot of numbers, because they may see It in colors.  

I had always known the brain was amazing, but what I have heard from the book is actually encouraging as the brain can be retrained to accomplish a lot of daily tasks after an energy or disease etc.

There was one story about a woman who was helped by a machine after she took some drugs that tended to kill the “balance hairs” in the ears (I really learn something new every day!).  She learned to retrain her brain to walk again and keep her balance, even after using the machine.

The inventor got cancer and the drugs he took caused the same problem and the women than repaid the inventor by showing him how to use his machine!  He walked and even danced again!  

Going to be an unusual week, due to some meetings etc.  

We are trying to schedule our vacations etc. for the year.  Due to changing conditions, I decided not to attend a conference I have been attending (I think I missed only 4 in that time) for 40 years.  It just isn’t relevant anymore.

However, as they say, when one door closes, another opens, so we decided to do something different during the time I usually take for the  conference.  

Hopefully this year we can resume our “escape to hot weather” in the middle or late February, a tradition we tried to start 2 years ago, and will try to resume this year.  Not sure where yet, but I have always wanted to go to Panama and this may be a good year to try that.  

We also have been discussing going to Niagara Falls, although not in the winter obviously!  Perhaps later this Summer, or maybe next Summer.

Time to start doing some of the “plan to do it” type of experiences!  Years ago, I met a man slightly older than I am now.  He wistfully mentioned how he wished he had taken the time when he was younger to travel etc.  About a month later I read where he had died.  

That really help change my thinking, probably helped me become more of a “today” person rather than a “tomorrow’ person!  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 22, 2019

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