2019 Summer July 23 Tuesday

67  degrees this morning  Humidity 73%

Talk about a cold front!  Due to a meeting I am skipping my walk this morning, but I expect it will seem like it is freezing outside!  

Another nice day yesterday,  some clouds.  Temperature around high of 88 degrees.  Actually I thought that was the “cold front”!  

My MacBook Air keyboard quit working.  Since the MacBoard Air is basically a paperweight without the keyboard, I was a little worried.  

My main concern was that I was going to trade the compeer in and get about $250, plus the money I will save from not buying a battery for this computer.  Plus the veterans discount!  Of course the worst was being without a computer while I tried to fixe this computer or buy a new one.  

I was able to “reset” the keyboard (with the computer plugged in, press Shift/control/option/power button and release all at the same time.  If successful, the light on the  power cord will change colors.)  It took me several times, but I finally got it reset.  

It appeared like it was a common problem, but I had never heard of it before.  Like a lot of things, I’m not aware of common problems until they happen to us!  

The MacBook Air was just “refreshed”  by Apple  (minor changes) on July 10, 2019, so I doubt if a major upgrade is coming this fall, but you never know.  Probably just fixed the problems of the original upgrade!

It isn’t that any “upgrade” is always that big of a deal, it just you feel slightly cheated when you buy a computer and it is upgraded in a short while.  

My worst experience at that was my first desktop Apple computer.  An iMac 5, I still remember.  Shortly after I bought it, they switched to an Intel chip, which was a major difference.  

Of course, I realize any device will be upgraded and eventually basically obsolete by  upgrades, but I like to delay the inevitable for as long as possible!

The battery on the MacBook Air is staying in there.  At least it is completely charging, and staying charged for several hours.  

For some reason, battery problems are affecting all of my “recent” devices, including my work computer.  All of my old ones (including my 13 year old original iPod, my 9 year old “original iPad” and even my shuffles which have to be 15 years old at least, are doing fine.  Of course, they aren’t used that much any more. 

We do use our iPhone 5 and 5+ almost daily, which we  repurposed as music and book players and they are doing find.  Of course, I think the iPhone 5 and 5+ are still used by many people as their primary phone, the 5/5+ model was one of the best models made. 

I am holding my breath on my work computer, hoping it lasts until it is replaced on July 31.  Without the computer, I literally  can’t do my job since literally everything is on the computer.  Currently I can only recharge it with the plug in charger, so I hope that lasts for another week.  I have to set it up so that it is just so, and I can’t do that on mobile charging. 

Not looking forward to cold weather, although it is supposed to get into the 80’s today!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 23, 2019.

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