2019 Summer July 24 Wednesday

 64 degrees this morning, 75%  humidity. 

Coolish day yesterday (low 80’s), no rain etc, although light mist early morning.  

Quite a change from 85 degrees when I took my walk last week to 64 degrees today!  Due to my exercise patterns (swim after I walk), I haven’t walked today yet, and I’m not looking forward to walking in 64 degree weather!  

My one thought will be it will be getting warm again soon!  Even today it is supposed to get to 87 degrees! 

My major problem is deciding how to dress while I walk and when I go to swim.  Right now I’m leaning to my “t-shirt and shorts” summer dress and now worry about it!  

We listen to audio books while we are driving. Normally they are fiction (just like the ones I listen to while I walk are non-fiction).  That isn’t our goal, just the way we seem to doit.    

The last few  fiction books we listened to had very unrealistic and disappointing “lazy” endings and we hope it isn’t a trend and everyone feels they need to emulate.

Obviously we know “fiction is fiction”, but still it is a disappointment when the author just has a completely unrealistic ending.  It is almost like the author got lazy and just decided to toss in a “twist” ending without any justification throughout the book for the ending.  

We have pretty well stop reading John Grisham books, he is a good author but his stories seems to sometimes be really contrived (the Runaway Jury, which is so unrealistic I quit reading it) and his latest book plot was really totally unrealistic.  I actually waited a long time before I ordered his latest book (to listen too) but finally relented.  A wonderfully written book but the plot was bad and lazy.  

I don’t think some authors consider the readers at all.  Of course the answer to that is to quit buying or reading their books!  

I didn’t think it was possible, but the lying coward lunatic and his cowards have sunk to even new low levels of pandering and juvenile playground lying coward bullying  behavior.  If they were on a playground, they would be placed in detention or probably expelled from school!   

It is really shameful to have such a clown and incompetent person represent our country.  I really don’t understand why the congress allow this lunatic to take his illegal actions that are destroying the country and world. 

What is really shameful is the way the lying coward lunatic is allowed to lie, threaten, abuse his office and use the resources of the government to attack his personal “enemies” and make juvenile lying attacks and the congressional cowards are shaking and snivel in fear of this lying coward bully,

His expensive golf vacations at taxpayer expense (which he then rips off millions by  going to his failing “resorts” and charging the government millions) ought be cause to perp walk him out of the white house to jail.   I realize it will never happen, but it should.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

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