2019 Summer July 26 Friday

72 degrees this morning 57% humidity 

Good day yesterday, about 88 degrees high.  No rain or wind.  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28:16, pace 20 seconds slower than goal

Bicycle (after work)  21:33 minutes

Need to replace my walking shoes and went to the shoe store I usually buy from.  (Actually I have bought about 8 pair there including scandals and my referrals have resulted in at least 5 more pair for the company). 

I got the feeling (this time and actually last time) that they really could care less if they sold anything or not.  They really resisted even mentioning ordering what I wanted.  I have decided not to wear (for walking) anything except Brooks shoes, so it’s not like I’m not ready to purchase anything.

Ditto with socks, I have really started liking Feetures socks (for exercise walking).  I mentioned what I liked and the clerk showed me exactly what I said I didn’t like and didn’t offer to even check on ordering what I wanted (I even bought a pair along!).  

I just decided Amazon (or at least the internet) was going to make another sale instead of a local store!  Too bad, but I am not going to buy where they have little interest  in selling anything.  

Ditto with ear plugs for swimming.  I found something I liked at Dicks Sporting Goods, they changed their inventory and weren’t interested in ordering it, so I just ordered the same thing from Amazon at about the same price.   

I have a feeling it may be my age, but maybe I am too sensitive about that.  The reason I say that is they almost act like they think I’m not a real customer in spite of my history of buying there and being interested in a specific item.  

The book I am listening to about the brain is really interesting, if a little bizarre at times.  They are going into replacements (such as faces etc.) and how the brain is involved.  For example they mention they try to encourage people to refer to “my hands” rather than “the hands”.

They also found that people adapt to new faces much better than hands.  One theory is that people look at faces different, somehow it becomes “my face” much faster than hands become “my  hands”.

The entire process of face replacement (a face from another person) is hard to imagine and hard to imagine how the replacement process is done.

I am going to have to read the pdf so I can ponder on the information!

This is one of those weeks I am glad to see the weekend come!  Nothing bad or anything, just glad!

That’s it for now, Friday, July 26, 2019.

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