2019 Summer July 27 Saturday

69 degrees this morning, 71% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, high around 90.  The days have been typical nice Summer Days.

Hopefully I will get a chance to enjoy our back patio, it is hard to find the time to enjoy it!

Exercise yesterday 

Walk:  28:07 minutes, pace 13 seconds slower than goal

Swim:  21:54 minutes

Bicycle:  (after work):  26:34 minutes

I don’t really have any goals for bike speed etc., I will develop some as time goes on.   I just realized that my primary bike  has lost the “low” “big” gear.  It is the gear that I would shift into when common guy on a bigger than normal hill, so that will limit me for several weeks until I get the problem fixed.  

Fortunately I have another bike, so if I can use it while it is being fixed,  I like both of them, they are different to ride, so it is always a change.

I am still a long ways from when I would plan to ride for  for half an hour (to which she replied “sure”) and then come in after riding an hour and one-half!  It will be a while before I am going for long rides.  

I may try to aim for the week long bike ride, but that is a ways off and I”m not used to riding with other bicyclists.  

Getting a new helmet tomorrow, probably with lights so I can get ready to start riding early in the morning.  I try to do all my bicycle business at a bicycle shop in a nearby town.  

The owner of the bike shop is very  reasonable on fixing and maintaining bikes, so I try to buy items from him if I can.  He will even pick up and drop off the bicycle if he needs to repair it for a very modest fee.  Can’t beat that!

I decided to go ahead and try to buy my walking shoes on-line, but it is difficult to do.  I may try another shoe shore before I buy on-line.  

I complained about not being able to find the ear plugs I like for swimming.  Apparently Speedo has stopped selling a package of 12 for $10 and now sells 4 for $6.50.  You can’t beat greed, but I”ll buy another brand.  May not be quite as good but I may not notice the difference.

I checked on Amazon and the internet overall and found the package no longer available

The printed newspaper delivery has gotten so bad I didn’t get a paper twice this week (and they wouldn’t return my phone call) and arrived as late as 11 a.m. one morning.  Time to cancel I guess.  Now it is a matter of principle, like the shoe store, it just isn’t right to treat a customer that way. 

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 27, 2019.

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