2019 Summer July 28 Sunday

74 degrees this morning, 64% humidity 

Excellent day yesterday, temperature high around 90 degrees.  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28:39 minutes, pace 32 seconds slower than goal.  

Swim:  20 minutes

Bicycle (afternoon):  24:02 minutes

Ordered new pair of walking shoes yesterday.  That is always important to me since they are the shoes I walk in my daily walk for the near future.  I expect I use a pair of shoes at least six months and probably more.  

I only do my daily walk in these shoes and then “repurpose” them as daily wearing shoes.  

As I mentioned the other day, the running shoe place I have purchased my shoes for the past 5 years for some reason quit providing any service other than I might get at Walmart.  (Nothing against Walmart, I don’t expect anything more at Walmart.)

Anyway, I ordered the shoes at  store about a mile from our house.  It is a more or less a small chain store of exercise apparel and shoes etc.  

One thing I like is I can return the shoes within 60 days, no matter how much I wear them etc.  I never have returned a pair of shoes, but it is nice to know the option is there if a pair just doesn’t work out.

Also bought another bicycle helmet, probably long past time to replace the one I had! We drove to a small city near here where the bicycle shop provides extremely good service. 

Went to the local AAA baseball game last night.  Always enjoy it, except they made an unfortunate number of misplays and errors. Of course that is probably why they are playing in the minor league, even thought it is the level right next to Major League Baseball.  

Newspapers came about 5:15 a.m. yesterday, which is later than I like, but a lot better than it has been arriving!  

I wanted to correct  something I wrote about yesterday.  I mentioned that Speedo had changed the packaging from 12 swimming ear plugs to 4 swimming ear plugs at a greater increased price.

Actually, the package of 12 swimming ear plugs is from a different company, and the ear plus I purchased in the past were not by Speedo, but by a different company.  

Shows a real lack of observation on my part!  

On the other hand, it indicates I don’t cloud my mind with small details!

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 28, 2019.

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