2019 Summer July 29 Monday

82 degrees this morning 62% humidity 

Some rain clouds in the general are, east of here.  

Another beautiful day yesterday.  A little windy sometimes, but still a beautiful day.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  28:27 minutes, 36 seconds slower than goal.

Swim;  22;32 minutes 

The Summer is rapidly disappearing.  As I have noted before, I will just enjoy each day of Summer as I live it.  Realistically it is at least  several months before cold weather is even a hint in the air!  At least I hope.  

I recently read of a plan to build a “new City” in the desert in Saudi Arabia.  It is supposed to cost at least 600 Billion dollars and will be everything with the highest technology.  

They are attempting to contact companies like Tesla, Apple etc to developing manufacturing there.  

They have already spent a lot of money on consultants and planners etc. 

One part that impressed me s they are not planning any streets, since  everyone will get around by a drone space individual device so no streets would be needed!  

Obviously it is still largely a concept but it will be interesting to see what happens and how it develops.

I certainly never expected when I was in high school that we would be using so many of basically the same things I was using them.  Obviously cars are much better, bu the essential car is the same.

I think that computers etc. were somewhat anticipated when I was in high school, although I don’t know if the “smart phone” was ever actually imagined.  

Of course, I remember “Dick Tracy” and his wrist phone back from when I was in high school.   It has somewhat come into practice.  

That’s it for now, Monday, July 29, 2019. 

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