2019 Summer July 31 Wednesday

76 degrees this morning, 86 % humidity 

Hotter day yesterday,  an excellent Summer Day.  

Exercise yesterday

Walk;  28:00 minutes, pace 7 seconds slower than goal.  

Swim:  22:32 minutes

Getting my new work computer today, thank goodness.  Hopefully it own’t take too long for me to adapt to the changes!  It will be nice to not have to worry about not being able to charge the computer 

Hopefully will get our house wifi upgraded/repaired I the next several days.  Somehow the wifi got a lot worse several weeks ago.  It started being a  lot slower (on all devices) and has just gotten worse.  

As I noted before, almost all of my “devices” are due for replacement.  I will replace my MacBook Air as soon as I find out if it is being upgraded or not.  

I will definitely replace one iPhone and possibly also my work iPhone this Fall shortly after they come out.  

The lying coward lunatic’s attacks on cities and anyone who points out he is lying incompetent coward racist lunatic is attacked by the lunatic because he is such an insecure childish personality  he cannot stand anyone disagreeing with him. 

What is really scary is he is becoming increasingly isolated with only toadies around who bather praise at him because they know that is how he is controlled. 

I can’t understand why the news media even carries his insane lying insults that attempt to denigrate persons or places.  

This morning I accidentally read the fox propaganda network on my phone.  The story had some obvious lies and I was puzzled until  I realized it was the fox/trump propaganda network of liars and bootlickers.  

What is really scary is seeing his incompetent hangers on illegally use the authority of the federal government  to destroy people  or businesses they consider “enemies” or companies who don’t jump every time the pig faced lying coward lunatic squeals his hate, lies and incompetence. 

The Attorney General is really scary because he obviously cow tows to the lying coward lunatic, to the point he has no ethics and obviously no backbone. \.  His use of the government to try to force “social media” to only allow comments supporting the lying coward lunatic and his band of cowards is certainly illegal and very scary. 

Listening to the book on brain surgery, study of the brain etc. is really amazing.  I may listen to it again in case I missed anything.  It is enjoyable to have a book that keep my attention while I walk etc.  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

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