2019 Summer August 1 Thursday

81 degrees this morning 65% humidity

Another wonderful day yesterday, temperature of around 98 degrees.

Start of August 2019, meaning the Summer is rapidly coming to a close.  

One of the problems with owning a house is finding someone who can maintain and repair what the jobs I can’t do (which is a lot!).

Right now, we need a variety of work done, but almost hate to get started since it is so difficult to know if we are getting someone who knows what they are doing and are interested in doing a good job.  

We love the house and it has needed very little in repairs etc., but it is always hanging over your head.  Especially for someone like me, who has no talent whatsoever in repair and maintenance of houses.    

I always thought if my talents laid in that direction, I could make a very good living by doing repairs and maintenance on houses and being fair to people.  

It makes it attractive to think of living where the owner takes care of everything, but I also think of what we would lose by that as far as space etc. as well as the psychological benefits.  

I like the term #MoscowMitch or “#RussianAssetMitch because is it true.  He obviously is overwhelmed by his “power” (although he was elected by a very small percentage of the voters  and I wonder why the system gives him so much power).  

Of course, he knows the lying coward bully hopes to benefit by the illegal election tampering of the Russians etc.  

He also isn’t thinking, what if China decides to get involved and works against the lying coward lunatic due to his incompetence?  That would be ironic to say the least.  

Actually it makes me angry to think of any foreign country trying to  tamper in our elections, just as I get angry about the corporations and “non-profit” organizations tampering with our elections.  

Watching the Democratic debates.  I am glad they are disagreeing on policies, that is the way effective policies are developed, not some lying coward lunatic in la la land running amok while his coward toadies are scared to even disagree with his lies, insane actions and pandering to racists etc.  

At the best, they allow an ignorant incompetent neurotic to run around raising tariffs and other illegal activities without a peep. 

Still working with Evernote.  They are coming out with a new upgrade which is now in beta.  I thought about getting it, but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea.  

The problem (and challenge or success) with Evernote is follow-up and doing it on a daily basis.  I have found it to be effective, but it also takes a lot of time.  Probably once it becomes a habit, it becomes automatic and more effective.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 1, 2019. 

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