2019 Summer August 2 Friday

80 degrees this morning,  70 % humidity.  Radar shows some clouds in the area, but no rain.

Overall excellent day yesterday, some clouds late afternoon.  

August 2, 2019, this mays it 5 years and 1 month since we moved to the area and 4 years 11 months in my current job.

I can’t say our move had any “expectations”, it was just something we decided to do.  Therefore we aren’t disappointed or elated for that matter, since we had no real expectations.  

Actually I think it has worked well and we were able to be here at strategic times for family matters.  

Also, the (central city) has changed a lot and become a lot more adaptive since I remember it when I first moved to this area almost exactly  31 years ago.  

Exercise yesterday:

Walk:  27:45 minutes 16:05 pace, 1.72 miles, 96 bpm

Swim:  22:45

Bicycle: (after work):  24:58 minutes 

Listening to the book on the “brain”, I have to admit I have learned a lot more about how much we know about the brain.  

What really surprised me was how the brain was studied and a lot learned  about the brain in early historical times.  I don’t have the actual dates, but it is surprising how much was known in the 1800’s, and early 1900’s’.  

It is really an excellent book, one I am thinking about buying, or at least checking it out of the library so I can study it some more.   

With an internet search, I should be able to have comprehensive information  about the history and capacity of brain surgery.  

I have a lot more respect for projects that attempt to use the capacity of the brain for learning, improving motor skills etc., learning and possible development of methods to “cure” some common problems caused by brain damage etc.

I’ll need to look it up, but there are numerous brain afflictions that were surprising to me.  One of the oddest ones is an affliction where, due to brain direction, the person “forgets” what a person looks like and they develop a concept that the person has a “double”.  

Apparently they don’t have the capacity to recognize changes in  a person, so everytime  they see them they recognize minute changes, so they develop the feeling that a person they know may have 5 “doubles” etc.  

I’ll need to look this up a little more!  

That’s it for now, Friday, August 2, 2019

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