2019 Summer August 3 Saturday

74 degrees this morning 95% humidity.  Apparently some storms went through earlier.  High percentage of rain possible all day. 

Yesterday started with thunder and lightning (very little rain) and stayed cloudy all day 

Happy the weekend is here.  For some reason the past week seemed to last forever, although actually it was a nice week.  Just a perception I guess.  

Recently learned of another way  private prisons)rip off tax dollars  (and pay off politicians) even more than I realized.  

The game now is to structure as a Real Estate Investment Trust and end up paying almost no taxes.  Not only do they rip us off, now they avoid all taxes.  

Another game is to have t government “lease” a prison for 10 or 20 years, which allows them to rip off even more tax dollars (much tax exempt).  In the words of one government official “we don’t have to worry about getting approval to build the prison”  (many of which cost millions).  

In addition to authorizing more “private prisons”, the lying coward lunatic is paying his donors back by “single source” contracts to house “prisoner” immigrants at a fee far exceeding the actual cost leading to fat tax free profits.  

When I read about private prisons lobbying for tougher prison sentences, I get enraged.  A person can say what they want, a corporation that literally steals tax $ has no right to lobby to lock up a person longer, at least morally and ethically.   

Private prisons have been proven to be poorly run, normally don’t meet the minimum standards of the contract, in spite of the fat profits they steal already and have been proven to harsher and violate the civil rights of prisoners. 

I heard the lying coward lunatic squealing insults and flat out lies the other night as he “campaigns”  (When dose this crook ever work, between his golf and campaigning?) .  How long is this nightmare going to last?  A childish liar racist criminal as president?  I still can’t believe it. 

Still working on incorporating  “Evernote” into my everyday life.  As always, it has a lot of potential, (it seems), but after using it for years, I still don’t use it as much as I should for it to have any value.

(Evernote is kind of a combination of a data base, a reminder, storage, calendar and a lot of other things. It can be set up to send reminders to your e-mail etc.)

The main benefit of Evernote has always been it works and syncs on all my devices (including Apple, Microsoft, and whatever).  Of course, my Apple does the same thing for all of my Apple devices.  

Years ago, I read a book (actually by Scott Peck) where he wrote “you can do anything if you take the time to do it”.   (Obviously not literally true, but it is a concept).  I need more time to ponder this, will continue this thought tomorrow night, or at least in the future.)

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 3, 2019.  

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