2019 Summer August 4 Sunday

71 Degrees This morning, 96% humidity 

Cloudy yesterday, threatening to rain all day, never really did except for a few drops. A lot cooler than previous days, around 82 degrees high.  

Exercise yesterday.

Walk:  26:56 minutes Pace 20 seconds faster than goal time (yea!)

Swim 23:22 minutes 

bicycle (outdoors):  24:36 minutes

Right now, I don’t keep any goals for swimming or bicycling, I’m just glad when I can do it. 20 seconds faster than my goal is a near recent record.

This morning, during my walk, I could see the lightning in the East.  I kind of assumed it wasn’t coming this way!  Fortunately I was right.  

For some reason bicycle tires and I do not get along.  Tried to air up a tire on my “big bike”, ended up with a flat tire, apparently due to a faulty tire stem.  The bike is going to the bike repair shop!  Also, it has a stuck gear, so I need to take it in anyway.  

Fortunately I have another bike that I can ride in the meanwhile and keep myself riding.  It just seems like they should be able to make better tires fo bikes.  I’m sure there is a good reason, but I can’t understand why some bicycles have the odd tire valve, that only causes problems. 

I am probably going to have to give up trying to hold out until October to replace my MacBook Air and hope they don’t upgrade for a while.  My computer is lasting about an hour (on a full battery) and is also running hot.  

I probably will try to last until August 16 (when my new Credit Card period starts) and see where I stand.  Of course, by then I am only a couple months away from the possible announcement of any upgrades.!  

It has been a good computer, but if I can get a trade in out of it (the trade in value is getting less obviously as time goes on), avoid buying a battery and get  a veterans discount  I can “save” a good sum of money on the new MacBook Air.  I don’t want to lose the trade in and I don’t know if the battery being out would hurt the trade in.  (All they ask is “does it start up” and it does.  I am sure if the refurbish it and resell it, they install a new battery anyway.  

I’m not quite sure why it is running hot and getting noisy at times, but it obviously shouldn’t be doing that.  

Since our T-Mobile has very poor connection service, we are either going back to ATT or going to Verizon.  We checked today.  The actual “customer service” for T-Mobile is much better than ATT or Verizon, but that doesn’t help the poor connections.  As usual, both have a lot of “gotcha” fees etc. 

I am looking at getting an iPhone 11 (or whatever ever they call it) and putting two lines on one phone to avoid having to carry two phone.  Both my work phone and my personal cell phones are having problems, but I think they can last until November of whenever it is I can buy the new upgraded phone.

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 4, 2019.

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