2019 Summer August 5 Monday

2019 Summer August 5 Monday

74 Degrees this morning, 89 % humidity 

Overall good day yesterday, some clouds,  high of around 90 degrees

Exercise yesterday

:Walk:  28:09 minutes, pace 24 seconds slower than goal

Swim 22:29 minutes 

Bicycle:  (afternoon) :  23:17 minutes

I haven’t really set any goals for running and swimming. 

I really think the dehumanizing and demeaning lies squealed by the lying coward lunatic have created an atmosphere where he, and the people who continue to encourage such rabid lies and deranged childish attacks on segments of our population and his perceived “political enemies” (meaning anyone who disagrees with him) are responsible for attacks like the murders in El Paso and Dayton.

The continuous dehumanizing sets up an atmosphere where mentally unstable people think if is “ok” to attack people because the continued lies and demeaning personal attacks by someone who is supposed to be an authority figure who encourages violence and apparently lives in a delusional world of unreality and lies.  

I think it is really sick that the Senators and Representatives, news media  and donors etc.  continue to encourage this type of despicable behavior because they are too cowardly to speak up when the lying coward lunatic finds it politically acceptable to squeal his lies and dehumanizing and delusional lying childish attacks.  Even worse are those who don’t speak up because they perceive a political or money advantage in he rabid behavior  

The lunatic is even using the federal government to try to force “social media” to allow more hateful attacks by his supporters. 

The lying coward lunatic needs to look at the horrible tragic results of his irresponsible lies and personal attacks and take responsibility.  Of course he won’t, he’ll try to blame Obama. 

Recently I read a story where many companies are operating their customer service programs not to provide customer service, but to see how much the customer will take before they either don’t buy the product or switch to a competitor. They  

are using “artificial intelligence” to try to read people’s emotions etc.

It seems like if they concentrated on excellent customer service instead of trying to see how much they can frustrate their customers we all would be a lot better off.  

This was actually an article in the Wall Street Journal, not an article by an anti-business magazine.  

The cellular phone companies are prime examples of companies that seem to almost try to angry their customers and seem to glorify poor customer services.


As I have mentioned, we are looking at switching to a new mobile phone provider since T-Mobile service just isn’t good here.  

One problem I have is that T-Mobile has excellent customer service and other cellphone companies have horrible and frustrating customer service.  Even dealing with them to ask about their plans is an exercise in frustration as they suddenly “remember” new fees and restriction as you discuss their plans.  

Obviously poor customer service is routine at all sorts of companies, but it don’t make it any less frustrating to deal with it.  A large part of the frustration is just having to take the time to deal with the matter and the frustrating routines the companies have developed to avoid providing decent customer service.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 5, 2019.

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