2019 Summer August 6 Tuesday

80 degrees this morning, 76% humidity

Good day yesterday, high of around 95 degrees, no rain etc.

Exercise Monday:  Walk 28:02 minutes, Pace was 12 seconds slower than goal.

Rather weird dream  this morning during by nap:

Dream:  August 5, 2019

Dream Aliene and I were on a trip and went out and got some kind of decorative device.  

I went back to the motel and we turned it on.  Sometime during the night I noticed it had stopped.  

Early morning I heard a noise like fireworks on the table and saw smoke and flames burst out over the table. 

I got up to check and the device had melted.  I found change and stuff  that I had left out had been on the table all over the room

I though about taking the device back and started worrying about whether they would take it back.

At that point I woke up but it was a very powerful dream.  Reflecting on current events I expect.  

The new work computer is working well.  I forgot how nice it is to have a fast computer, one you don’t have to worry about the battery.  

My MacBook Air is hanging in there, hopefully for another two months, unless I reach the point I have to order one.  I really don’t think the chances of an upgrade are good, but some of the websites think there is a chance.  I’ll probably give up some trade in value on the gamble that there may be a new upgrade.

I think it depends on when I reach the point that not having a new  MacBook Air  is worse than having to continue dealing with this one.

Today (within the first 10 days of August), it is six years old, since this is the time of the year in Tennessee when I could buy a computer on “Tax Free” weekend, since on Tax Free weekend, I could purchase a computer tax free also.  

Here it is highly restrictive and is limited to $100.  I don’t really have any problem with  that, generally I don’t see the use for Tax Free Weekend, but whatever. 

Anyway, I know this computer is six years old and my “original iPad” (also purchased on ax free weekend) is 10 years old.

I may just go ahead and order a new MacBook Air, especially after getting the new work computer.  It is so nice!

Saw our neighborhood skunks after my walk the other morning.  I figure they won’t bother m if I don’t bother them.  Hopefully that is correct!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 6, 2019.  (Happy Birthday to me, but who’s counting anymore!)


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