2019 Summer August 7 Wednesday

 83 degrees this morning,  66% humidity 

Good day yesterday, high 100 degrees.

Exercise yesterday:  

Walk:  27:52 minutes pace 10 seconds slower than none.  

Swim:  20:23 minutes

Excellent birthday, breakfast on the patio, lunch at Starbucks, birthday dinner at Braum’s (including a super good strawberry shake as only Braum’s can make them!  Then home to take a nap!  

Braum’s has the knack to make any food taste slightly (or a lot) better.  Probably the thing we missed most when we were in Tennessee was the neighborhood Braum’s!  The “last Braum”s” (or first depending on which way we were going was in Alma Arkansas, since Braum’s doesn’t go more than 8 hours from their central location.

For persons not from this area, Braum’s is a privately owned chain of ice cream stores, also have hamburgers etc. and a small “fresh” grocery type store.  Somehow their food just always tastes better with their ice cream and shakes etc. absolutely the best.  

This time of month is always busy at work (actually it is busy all the time but especially busy at the first of the month when we get our assignments).  

It is a good time to use Evernote to learn to be more efficient!  However, as with everything, it takes time to save time!  Evernote is more the case of developing a habit than anything and it takes time to develop a habit.  

I know from experience that the “21 day” rule to changing halts is a valid concept.  Of course, the secret to success is keeping up the new habit for 21 days!

Right now I am trying to use Evernote to “remember” and also as a kind of scheduler as I set up tasks to do each day.  It also works well as a reminder. 

I read a book by Scott Peck where he mentions how he fixes something on his car just because he wants to see if he can do it.  Within reason, he notes that “if you want to take the time” you can do a lot.  You may choose not to take the time, but that is your choice.

There are a lot of things I probably “could” do (and a lot I can’t, as I learned from experience”), but I definitely don’t feel it is worth my time doing.  

I have always wondered about why people take the time to do some chores that someone else could do better and they could use their time more profitable elsewhere.  

I’m sure I also do that, if there is something I just like doing.  

Ironically I probably got more out of that Scott Peck book than any of his others.  However I was disgusted when he admitted to cheating on his wife and some other experiences (I forget now).  Somehow I felt betrayed by him after all of his books and I never read anything he wrote again.  I didn’t expect him to be perfect,  I just felt I couldn’t trust what he wrote.  Probably an overreaction at that time of my life, but I still have no interest in reading his books. 

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

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