2019 Summer August 8 Thursday

85 degrees this morning, 60% humidity  (86 degrees on watch when I got up)

Good day yesterday, high of 104 degrees, “feels like” temperature of 109 degrees.  Didn’t feel as hot as it sounds. 

Finished listening to “The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons” just as I finished my walk yesterday morning.  I am always surprised at how often that happens!  Certainly not always, but more than the average expected.

It was a great book, I learned a lot about the brain (although I was starting at a low levelI).  I learned a lot I would like to follow-up and learn more about.  I’m reviewing the PDF of the book (which is a supplement, not the actual book) and will follow-up on some of the more interesting aspects.  

I was surprised at how early some of the “brain surgery” was and how much they learned.  It also was rather sad to read/hear about some of the impacts of brain problems (usually an accident etc., but sometimes it was just the way the person was born).

Starting on a new book to listen too is always fun, because unless I lose interest in a book, I will be spending anywhere from a month to 4 months with the book.  Since my “walk” books are normally something I don’t know a lot about, it also affects my thinking during the period I am listening to the book as I ponder what I learn and also do more research on what I learn.  

This time, I happened to be advised of another book that sounds interesting “Deep Work” by Cal Newport.  I’ll try to both listen to it and  read it, which always really focuses my learning.  As I mentioned, I just learned about this book yesterday, just as I finished the book I was listening to!

I have been struggling on when to purchase a new MacBook Air.  While I realize there is always something “new and better” coming, at some point I need to buy another laptop (and phone and iPad etc.)

Where I always dither is when something may be coming out in the near future.  I’m not worried about a year from now, but I hate to buy something now and a major upgrade is made a month later!  

What I might do is try to game the system and when I hear about the announcement date, purchase a new laptop so it  is delivered within the 14 day announcement period of the major upgrade so I can return it if there is a new major upgrade! 

Of course, it is probably easier to just wait another 14 days at that point! 

In a way, I don’t necessarily feel this is “fair”, but it is just as “fair” as Apple (or any company) knowingly selling a product that will be obsolete a month later without any warning!  

Nothing really agains the companies, they have  tough decision also (if they announce it of course everyone will quit buying it until after the  upgrade comes out!).  It seems like there should be a better way of handling this, but I don’t have any idea what it would be!  

A slightly ‘cooler” day today, high forecast of 96 degrees.

That’s it for now, Thursday, August 8, 2019.

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